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Why Americans don’t travel abroad that much

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The main reason most Americans don’t bother to travel widely is that America, in of itself, is a huge continent. From tropical regions to Arctic wastelands and all points in between, it will literally take years before anyone gets truly exhausted all the great travel destinations and travel experiences America offers. What about cultural variety? Like taking appetite suppressants instead of working out and dieting? Or taking a bike holiday in holland? Have you ever been to Los Angeles or San Francisco or New York? If you wanted to eat Khmer food, listen to Tibetan chants or unwind to Peruvian mountain music, you probably don’t need to travel further than the closest big city. Seriously. America has so many immigrants from all four corners of the world that the smells, tastes, ideas, and sounds of the rest of the world isn’t that far away. It is no wonder that Americans don’t feel a big compulsion to travel. They are in the enviable position of having a copy of the larger world within their borders. They also have great technology inventions like web related stuff or media related stuff. Haters gone hate? Sure, it would be nice to go to a more ‘authentic’ place but you have to admit, America’s got quite a bit to offer already. Authenticity and ‘going to the source’ can only take you so far.

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May 23rd, 2013 at 11:06 am

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