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Which websites are good to find live bands playing in LA?

We're going to the USA for our honeymoon at the start of November and will be in LA for about 3 days. I'd love to see a live band. Are there any websites where i can see who is playing and where?

Check the following sites.


Live Music in Los Angeles, California
Live Music and concerts in Los Angeles, California, get local venues live music schedule, bands tour coming your way and much more! Angeles, California-.html - Cached
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Los Angeles California live music map Ø Los Angeles California concert …
… guesses your location and knows where popular Los Angeles California bands play. … Los Angeles California live music ø concert tickets ø contact ø news ø …


Trading Opportunity – the Euro a Live Example a Trade for Big Profits

The euro against the US dollar is showing a trading set up that could yield some great profits regardless of whether the currency moves up or down.

Let’s look at how this currency pair can be traded and how a move either way could make some great profits.

For this example we are using the free charting

Pull up the daily chart; you will see that we are near critical resistance which the euro is trying to hurdle.

We have two possibilities of course we can either

See a breakout of the highs at 1.3400 or we can see the euro retreat from the highs and stay within the range.

A clear break of the highs would mean that important resistance is broken and the possibility is that stops will be hit and fresh buying could propel the euro much higher.

The other scenario is that resistance holds and the euro falls back.

How do you trade this move?

Watch the near term price momentum.

Resistance RSI & Bollinger bands

For this you need the stochastic indicator and the RSI.

At present the stochastic momentum is weakening and if the lines cross to the downside with bearish divergence, the odds favor the bears.

Target would be the middle of the Bollinger band (the green line) which represents the longer term moving average.

Notice how the RSI has peaked at overbought levels and is trading just off these levels.

At present it looks like the bears will prevail. The bulls will take charge on a clear break above 1.3400 – with stochastic momentum supporting the move.

Wait for confirmation

We favour the bears however don’t try and impose your view on the market. Go with the stochastic signal to see if the odds favour the bulls or the bears.

By using the stochastic to give you near term price strength or weakness and using the resistance level you can decide which direction the currency is likely to go in and the odds of success.

Follow Price Action

This is a good trading set up and stop protection is obvious on either a bull break, (below the breakout point) or on a bear break (above resistance) - it’s a good set up and easy one to trade.

Remember: Don’t impose your view -wait for confirmation fro momentum before trading either way.

Sacha Tarkovsky


Shockwaves NME Awards 2009 - Muse - Best Live Band

Muse talk backstage at the Shockwaves NME Awards 2009 about winning the Best Live Band Award. For loads more videos, check out:

Duration : 0:2:53

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What are some cool bands or live music venues in Bordeaux, France?

What are some cool bands or live music venues in Bordeaux, France? (Rock, Punk, Metal etc).

dont know


does the roxy nightclub in hollywood los angeles only play live bands?

or does it have nights where they dj too?
thanks i know it plays rock/metal i just need to find a good club in hollywood that does! any suggestions

I played there a few times back in the 80’s. Like the Whisky and the Troubador, it’s still only live bands, unlike places like the Key Club or Avalon (formerly the Palace) which do both.


Swing Trading for Profit a Live Example

Swing trading is one of the best ways to make money in forex trading, it’s also a lot easier psychologically than trend following.

It’s therefore a great way to trade for novice traders. Over the last few weeks we have looked at some live examples:

Banked 4 profits, scratched one trade at break even and have one open. Let’s look at it and another potential opportunity.

First why is swing trading an easy way to trade?

When we say is easy, we mean psychologically.

You get in quick with low pre defined risk and you’re normally out in 2 – 5 days with a good profit.

This is much easier than long term trend following, in that you do not have to wait for months and see dips eat into your open profit.

Long term trend following is highly profitable but requires a lot more discipline.

We personally mix the two ways of trading to gain some diversification of style and smooth the equity curve.

Swing trading basics

We normally look for important chart support and resistance and trade contrary to it.

We wait for prices to test these areas and watch for stochastic momentum to fall against resistance or rise against support.

Then we know the level has held and trade off it.

We also use RSI and Bollinger bands to define targets and that’s it.

Nice ands simple, but can be very profitable you can read more about this method in our other articles.

British Pound

We are short at recent nearby highs and would look for a pop to the downside to Fridays low or near the middle of the Bollinger band.

Stochastic is weak at present and odds favor a bit more to the downside.

With swing trading you don’t want to hang around to long, get out on specific target and that’s very close now.

Another opportunity

Lets look at another potential opportunity that’s could be shaping up.

The euro is trading near its highs and the spike high on the chart is resistance. Stochastic momentum is waning and a cross with bearish divergence will put the odds in favor of the bears.

The important point is to wait for confirmation of the crossover – the target is then Fridays low just above the middle of the center of the Bollinger band.


The tools used swing trade are simple and easy to use, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make profits as we have shown.

Importantly, for novice traders the discipline needed to trade this way is a lot easier.

If you practice a bit and learn to spot the set ups you will soon be able to spot some great low risk high reward trades – Good Luck

Sacha Tarkovsky


Why do people like going to concerts to see bands live?

What are the main reasons behind why you go to a concert?

There is nothing like seeing an artist whose songs you have listened to on CD performing live - in the flesh. Sometimes they are a let-down; other times, inspired by a live audience of enthusiastic fans, they excel themselves.

What is ALWAYS interesting is checking-out the other members of the audience. You always find yourself looking at individuals and thinking, “So YOU like him/her/them too - enough to buy a ticket to see the act live!” It gives you a sense of where your liking of the artist “fits-in” with that of others.


Japanese Yen – Live Trading Opportunity

A few days ago we showed you how to take advantage of a trading opportunity in the British Pound with some simple tools and this yielded a great profit with low risk.

Here we are going to look at another live trading opportunity with the same tools in the Japanese Yen.

Let’s look at the opportunity.

The Dollar has been under pressure recently against the major currencies and the Yen has benefited, however its rise has been very little in comparison with the Pound and the euro

Pull up the weekly chart

We are using but you can use any of the free charting services.

The weekly trend in the dollar against the yen is up – this is the primary trend.

Now pull up the daily chart and add these indicators

Bollinger bands, stochastics and RSI

(If you don’t know how the above indicators work consult our other articles)

The dollar has dipped to the middle band of the Bollinger band and is now looking to move higher.

Timing the move

To get the odds in your favor you want a change in momentum and this is indicated by the stochastic – Watch for the lines to cross and turn to the upside with bullish divergence this then puts the odds in favour of the bulls.

Wait for the lines to cross and look also for a rising RSI

When the bulls take charge support will be below Wednesdays close (on a closing basis) and then the double bottom.

Target for the bulls is the double top at 12000

The above is simple way of getting into trades with the price momentum and odds on your side and allows you to act on confirmation rather than trying to predict.

The above trading scenario is taking advantage of a dip in a bull market to re-establish positions with the primary trend.

Sacha Tarkovsky


Where are some good places to see live bands in Oregon?

Specifically, I'm looking for clubs and bars that have bands on a regular basis. Any in Bend, Medford, Eugene, Salem, or other smaller towns that might be hard to find on the internet?

Stayton, just East of Salem, has a few bars that will offer live bands. Mt. Angel does as well. In Salem there is the Liberty Inn, Liberty Spirit, and other places that always advertise bands. Really, I can't drive through Bend, Medford, Ashland, Salem, or any other somewhat populated place without finding a bar or tavern that advertises it.


Dave Matthews Band - You Might Die Trying: Live at Piedmont

Dave Matthews Band performs “You Might Die Trying” from their DVD “Live at Piedmont Park”

Duration : 0:7:15

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