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Dave Matthews Band Reviewed

One of my favorite bands of time is the Dave Matthews Band. They have a unique sound that is hard to compare with other acts. They are considered a jam band, but are quite different from other stereotypical jam bands such as Phish and the Grateful Dead. Each member of the band is a virtuoso on their instrument. However, two members shine above the rest of them. They are Carter Beauford (drums) and Leroi Moore (sax/wind instruments). These two gentlemen have perfected their given instruments.

If you are just getting into the Dave Matthews Band for the first time, I would suggest starting with their earlier material such as Under the Table and Dreaming or Crash. These are definitely the place to fall in love with the band. If you have been into the band for awhile and are looking for something different I would suggest some of their live concert albums. A must have for all fans is Live at Luther College. It is a duet album with Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. You’ll hear your favorite songs in a way you would never imagine.

I would also suggest going to a concert of the band as well. You will definitely get your money’s worth. The band plays for over 2 hours and takes your favorite songs in a totally new direction. I have personally gone 10 times and thoroughly enjoyed each show that I have gone to.

The members of the Dave Matthews Band include Dave Matthews (guitar), Stefan Lesard (Bass), Leroi Moore (sax/other wind instruments), Boyd Tinsley (Violin), and Carter Beauford (Drums). Their albums include Under the Table and Dreaming, Crash, Before These Crowded Streets, Everyday, Busted Stuff and Stand Up. They have also released several live concert albums as well. There are just as many live albums as there are studio albums.

Boris DeVries


are their any live bands playing in any north london pubs that u know about?

finchley, edgware etc. have looked everywhere but cant get any joy. i feel like a sing song this afternoon…lol

Try Camden - Dublin Castle, Koko, Barfly are all good venues


Not in Bible But in Quran (8); King Solomon Hears the Speech of the Ants

King Solomon and the Ants in the Quran:

The story of King Solomon and the ant is mentioned in chapter 27:18-19.

These two verses illustrate that: 1) The hearing power of King Solomon was unique, 2) The ants are rational creatures, 3) The ants have speech and communicate with each other, 4) The ants are very caring creatures, 5) The ants live in dwelling places and they have homes, 6) The ants live in a society, 7) The workers in the ants society are females! And 8) King Solomon had mercy and he always was observing his Lord!

Surah (Chapter) 27:18-19

18] Till, when they came (King Solomon and his unique Hosts) to the valley of the ants, one of the ants said: ‘ o ye ants, go into your dwellings lest Solomon and hosts crush you (under foot) while they do not know. ‘

19] He (King Solomon) smiled, and laughed at its words, and said: ‘ o my lord! Grant me that I should be grateful for your blessing with which you have blessed me and my parents, and that I may work the righteousness that will please you: and admit me, by your grace, to the ranks of your righteous servants.”

When King Solomon and his hosts came to the Valley of the Ants, an ant, who had seen Solomon’s hosts, said, ‘O ants, enter your dwellings, lest Solomon and his hosts crush you while they are unaware!’

The verse indicates that the ants are likened to rational beings in their use of the latter’s speech. Modern sciences support this fact; However, Scientists up to the moment do not discover and analyze the Ants’ speech!

Whereat he, Solomon, smiled at the ant’s words, which he had heard from about three miles away and which was carried to him as sound’s waves by the winds.

The sight is that King Solomon and his hosts were going to a certain place, and then he heard the speech of the ant! The verse then indicates that the hearing power of King Solomon was unique and ultra-sharp. And remember that He heard the speech of the ant while there was a great noise of the movement of his huge and unique hosts.

This great noise of his hosts which consisted of cavalry and infantry does not prevent him from hearing the speech of an ant that was about three miles away.

When he was on the verge of [entering] the Valley of the Ants, he [King Solomon] made his hosts halt until they [the ants] had entered their dwellings. And he said, ‘My Lord, inspire me to be thankful for Your grace wherewith You have favored me and my parents, and to do good that will please You, and include me, by Your mercy, among Your righteous servants’, the prophets and saints.

It is very amazing that the Quran declares that:

1) The ants are rational creatures, 2) the ants have speech and communicate with each other, 3) the ants are very caring creatures, 4) the ants live in dwelling places and they have homes, 5) the ants live in a society, 6) the ants live in a society, 7) the workers in the ants society are females and 8) King Solomon had mercy and he always was observing his Lord!


King Solomon and the Ants in the Bible:

It is King Solomon in the Bible who said in Proverbs 30 that: “The ants are a people not strong”. However, modern sciences say that the Ants are very strong. In comparison to a man (in respect to his size, weight, height etc.), one ant is as powerful as 30 men! There are many verses like that in the Bible that contradict with modern sciences and make the reader suspicious about who wrote the Bible. Indeed, the Lord, the Creator of the ants would not say that the ants are not strong!

Proverbs 30 (King James Version)

24) There be four things which are little upon the earth, but they are exceeding wise:

25) The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;

26) The conies are but a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the rocks;

27) The locusts have no king, yet go they forth all of them by bands;

28) The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings’ palaces.


It is amazing that the Quran declares this unusual information about King Solomon and the Ants that are not mentioned in the Bible. Meanwhile, the Bible says that:” The ants are a people not strong”. A statement that contradicts with the modern sciences!


Back to the main issue of my series of articles; this is my question to you smart readers: “Is the Quran quoted from the Bible?”

By the way, the disbelieved ignorant Arabs stated that the Quran quoted from the Bible more than 1400 years ago! (Read my article about chapter 25).

Prof.dr. Ibrahim Khalil


How much do live jazz bands usually charge?

I am starting up a small jazz ensemble to do corporate events, weddings, parties, etc. and I was wondering what would be a good price to charge. Thanks!

Here's how you figure it. First, take the number of people in the band. Next, you figure in the number of hours you'll be playing, it varies from gig to gig, so you don't want to have a set price, cause you want to make more if you're playing four hours as opposed to two. Then, you each decide how much you want to make per hour apiece, don't forget to include set-up and tear down time when you're figuring in your hourly rate. If you're just starting, keep it reasonable so you'll get more work and exposure, if you're good, the price can go up as you become in demand. Some clubs already have a set rate.


can anyone give me advice on photographing live bands & musicians?

I have been into photography seriously for about a year now, and have decided I would like to persue a career in it.
I have tried of loads of styles, landscapes, children, macro photography, but didn't get any real "want" to do this much.
I moved onto another hobby of mine which is music, so I approached a few people in local bands, rock mainly, and have photographed a few with some successes.
I want to do more in this field but am unsure where to go next.
Some people have suggested going to agency's, whilst freelance has also been advised.
I am in the North East of England, can anybody help me please?

Approach bands/agents directly. Send samples and compile a list of groups you have photographed to music magazines that look for stock images. Place an ad in music magazines, bulletin board at local music stores/ clubs/ etc.


Ontario Canada Crappie Fishing

Crappie fishing is a sport that the whole family can enjoy. Crappie remain small, typically around 8 to 12 inches, and weight about a pound. Crappie, unlike other types of fish, do not struggle once they are caught on a hook. Because of the nature of Crappie, young children, senior citizens, and avid fisherman alike are able to catch and reel in Crappie.

There are actually two species of Crappie, distinguishable by there color, spot patterns, and dorsal fins. Primarily you will find Black Crappie in the northern regions, but you may come across a White Crappie as well. Black Crappie’s spots will be randomly placed, while White Crappie will have vertical bands of spots. The most noticeable characteristic is the dorsal fins, Black Crappie with have either 7 or 8, and White Crappie will have 6.

Black Crappie prefer warmer water then their White Crappie counterparts, as well as many other types of fish. You will be able to find them in Southern Canada, and in the Great Lakes Region. Generally, you will not find any type of Crappie in central or northern Canada.

If you are thinking about fishing in Canada, you may want to consider fishing in the water around Georgian Bay and in Lake Simcoe. You can find these waters around the Ontario Canada Area. The Crappie in these waters are extremely over populated. If you are looking for an experience, or to catch a large number of Crappie, you may want to consider visiting these places first.

Essential Equipment Needed When Fishing For Crappie

While there are thousands of different types of fishing equipment available, you will only need the basics to catch Crappie.


Nothing will work better for Crappie fishing then the bait that the fish on a daily basis. Crappie will always respond to the bait they know before responding to artificial bait. The first thing you must do is find out what the Crappie in your area eat. While minnows is always your best bet, there may be a more predominate bait fish in the water, such as shad. Contact your local government or wildlife/outdoors office, as they can typically help.

While frozen bait is available and will work, when using real bait, the best way to catch crappie is to use live bait. By placing the live bait on the hook through the rear body near the tail, live bait will live for a small amount of time after being placed on the hook. This allows the bait to move and swim, attracting the crappie.

If you do not prefer to use live bait, a variety of artificial weight is also available.

Daniel Eggertsen


What are some venues in the west St louis county area that have live bands? Various genres.?

st. louis loop


“10 Actions To Take *NOW* To Triple CD $ales Overnight!

If you are like most independent recording artists, one thing that you can always use is more CD sales. Below, are ten alternative unique actions that you can take now to begin tripling your CD sales overnight.

A. CD Gig Sale Co-Op

I’ve mentioned this one in a previous issue, but it bears reiterating. Basically it works this way:

Arrange a cooperative agreement between your band and
similar bands, say 2-3, whereby you each agree to promote and sell each other’s CDs at each other’s respective gigs. You also stipulate a sales price and an agreed upon number of units.

B. Distribute Samples At Genre Nightclubs

Here, you will contact club managers in your area whose deejays either play your genre of music or host live bands in your genre. This works best in clubs that specifically have deejays and do not have live bands. You ask the club manager for permission to distribute your samplers to club patrons. Even better, is if you agree to pay the club a small fee for allowing you to do so.

On the sampler, simply include approximately 2 minutes
of each song. Naturally, these sampler discs are CDs
that you will “burn” in your computer or you may choose to have your samplers manufactured. You also want to be sure to leave your website address on the sampler’s cover, as a file within the compact disc, and on the sampler’s label itself.

C. Distribute Samples At Football Games

What a perfect opportunity to get some free exposure than by distributing your sampler at football games. However, be sure to obtain permission from the school prior to doing so. If this feat works, you can also distribute at other school sports as well.

D. Distribute Samplers at Colleges and their Dances

Not only are colleges great territories to distribute your free samplers, but they have several opportunities to do so that include; games, dances and other school and social functions, as well as by simply walking around the campus and handing samplers out to students. Again, be sure to obtain permission from the college administration or student activities office beforehand.

E. Tee Shirts

If your budget will allow, you could make an investment in an order of tee shirts that promote your band name, logo and website address.

F. College Radio Interviews

Contact area colleges and offer to interview with them as a part of their content. If agreed, be sure to provide the host or producer a copy of your complete CD in advance.

G. College Television Interviews

Same as above. Contact college television stations and offer to be an interview subject. If you also have a video, this is a perfect time to have it aired during your interview. In fact, if you have a professional video, this may be the only calling card you need to get the interview.

H. Interview with College Newspapers

College newspapers are a boon for exposure because they can feature both interviews and music reviews. Hence, you should strongly consider them as an interview possibility as well as consider them for low-cost advertising of your new music release.

I. Flea Markets

There are some incredibly large flea markets that are open to the general public on weekends. And, there is the likely chance that, at least, one exists in your area. Contact the management and offer to play for free as entertainment in exchange for management allowing you to sell your CDs. I have been to many large flea markets but I cannot recall ever seeing a band performing. This could be a great start in exposure and sales for you and fellow bands.

J. Customized ID Checks

Offer radio stations a free customized station ID check for them to air. If you have a fairly good area following, this will work even better. Station ID checks sound something to the effect of…

“Hi, this is John Thomas from The Stinging Lizards.
Whenever I awake in the morning, my alarm clock is always set to KTAV 103 FM.”

With these ten steps, you can easily see how implementing only several of them regularly and consistently, could, indeed, quickly and easily triple your CD sales.

Kenny Love


Im visiting chicago here right now and need to know if there is a street that is all bars clubs live bands?

I want to bar hop and not have to take a taxi to each place so can anyone tell me if there is one street that has the most bars, clubs, night clubs, live music places. Blues, Jazz, disco, dance anything but country and rap.

Clark street in Wriglyville has over 50 places within a 10 minute walk. When its nice out or if the cubs are playing, you can hear all sorts of music comming from the bars and restraunts. The music varys from blues/rock/sometimes dance but there is alot of reggee as well.

It is a very vibrant area with alot of really cool people and always something going on. I recomend waiting untill baseball season if you truly want to experience the area.


why do bands turn around a lot during a live performance?

I went to a few concerts, after also watching a few live clips off of youtube I noticed that a lot of bands have members that will periodically turn and face away from the audience briefly for some reason. I just wanted to know if they’re doing anything special (i.e. Checking something, Tuning, Giving Signals, Screwed up perhaps) Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

There’s various reasons we do that. One being just to interact with each other musically. I will turn towards our drummer quite a bit during solo passages that our guitar player does..(im the bass player/keyboardist)… its a way that I can interact dynamically with the drummer. After all.. its the drummer and bass player thats the meat and potatoes of the band! Cueing each other is another reason, as sometimes we will extend a certain part of a song if were having fun with it. Another reason… stage presence. Hey.. this isnt a church choir where everyone stands on risers and looks at the audience. Its a rock and roll show! Gotta move around a bit.. have some fun. Plus, standing in one place to long you start to cramp up.. maybe a certain stage light will start to bother you. Keeps from getting so claustrophibic too.