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were early recordings of bands done live? such as bands like the beatles?

were early recordings of bands done live? such as bands like the beatles?

If by "live" you mean "in concert", on location. Yes, there were live recordings done back in the 60's.

However, if by "live" you mean "Everybody, in one studio all playing at the same time", as opposed to the standard way of recording today, which is every instrument on it's own track, then mixed and mastered… Also yes, though in the 60's there was some mixing done as well, with the advent of 2, 3, 4 track recording equipment, eventually 8,16, and 24 track recorders becoming the norm at the end of the decade. (now 24, 36 and 48 track recorders are the standard in studios). Also there was some separation within the studio back in the 60's through the use of baffles and isolation booths, among other methods.

Just concentrating on the era you mention (The Beatles era of the 60's) The majority of 60's music was done with everybody in one studio, at the same time. One or two, microphones hanging from the ceiling, and louder instruments, such as drums placed further away, sometimes surounded by baffles to dampen sound slightly.


Public Enemy Tickets - Hip Hop Legends Return To The Stage

When you use Public Enemy tickets, you’re seeing a band that is as responsible as anyone for the emergence of today’s hip hop sound. The band was a group of fearless pioneers, and their influences on the entire music world may never stop being felt. Below are just a few examples of these influences and a look at how this historic group came together.

Early Beginnings

The group came together almost by chance, as several of the members were attempting to make it as DJ’s and spinners in the New York area. Chuck D, one of the founding members, worked at a local radio station that featured local rap artists, and it was here that his talents were discovered when he was basically having fun “rapping” off the air.

Chuck also made his living by working at a moving company, where he met and befriended Flavor Flav, who would ultimately become the “face” of the group. Over time, the two began to rehearse together, and they ultimately filled out the group and put together a demo tape that was distributed through their radio contacts.

Their sound was an instant success, and the band got to work on their albums and tours. It didn’t take long for Public Enemy tickets to become “the” concert tickets to have, and there were several reasons for their popularity, most notably their innovations that ultimately became their historic influences.

Historic Influences

Public Enemy was seen as a truly innovative band for several reasons. They were one of the first bands to promote and perfect a newly-found genre, that of “rap-rock,” and this was due to their friendship with the heavy metal group Anthrax. This new sound also incorporated elements of funk and jazz, and their samplings came from a range of music never heard before.

Another of the band’s innovations also became an enormous source of controversy. They were the first big-time band to incorporate strong political messages into their lyrics, and these political positions were far from popular with the “mainstream” radio play lists of the time. Their stances were almost exclusively in support of African-American interests, which was a subject that was considered “taboo” until Public Enemy helped make it acceptable. With this success came several bands who followed in their footsteps as well as a host of musical works that continued to develop this theme.

Overall, Public Enemy can be seen as a band of pioneers. They are also known for their intense live shows, which is why anyone who looks at music from an historical perspective should grab some Public Enemy tickets for their upcoming shows.

Jay Nault


What are all the bands which performed live in the woodstock 69 ?

Ritche Havens
Country Joe McDonald
John B Sebastian
Incredible string Band
Bert Sommer
Ravi Shankar
Arlo Guthrie
Joan Baez

Canned heat
Janis Joplin
Sly & the Family Stone
Greatful Dead
The Who

Day 3
Jefferson Airplane
Joe Cocker
Country joe & The Fish
Ten Years After
The Band
Blood Sweat & Tears
Johnny Winter
Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Day 4
Paul Butterfield Blues band
Jimi Hendrix


Why do bars advertise live bands? What does a dead band sound like?

I know what "dead" band sound like…..they sound like those groups who bash out that awaful head-banging racket - which they think is music.

There are far fewer live bands about today than there are 'live' bands!


Sonic Youth Tickets - See True Alternative Rock Pioneers

Sonic Youth tickets, amazingly, have been available for more than 25 years already. It seems like just yesterday that this innovative band was doing its part in redefining the genre of rock and roll as we know it. The legion of loyal Sonic Youth fans just got some great news, however, in that the band is getting back together and hitting the stage once again to relive their old classics and most likely add some of their new signature innovations to the shows they play. A look at their history will help clarify how they became musical icons.

Early Beginnings

The original members of the band all spent their early lives performing in any of several post-punk bands that were prevalent on the local music scene at the time. Given that many of these bands performed together and in the same venues, they got to know each other, and two of the members, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, dated for a time before the band was formed, and they would eventually marry and have a child.

Moore and Gordon also discovered that they had common musical tastes, and they began to perform together. They eventually recruited the other members and “officially” formed Sonic Youth in 1981. Their first gig was at a 10-day “Noise Festival” in the New York neighborhood of SoHo, and their performance was a resounding success. It wasn’t long before Sonic Youth tickets were difficult to find, as they built a loyal local following that would soon get them noticed by the music industry.

Unique Sound

The band is credited with a new sound that became the foundation for “alternative” rock and roll, and the biggest variable that contributed to this sound was the band’s alternate guitar tunings. A little-known fact is that these guitars were tuned in a non-traditional way because they were extremely cheap, as the band could not afford top-notch equipment.

These tunings led to additional innovations, as their approach to music was never what many would consider “scientific.” The band was independent in their approach, and would often formulate melodies and beats based solely on how they felt at the time they were playing.


This purely artistic approach to music led to a wide following for their live shows, but it also led to a career with success that would be considered more “underground” in nature, as they never had a huge commercial success with their albums. None of their albums ever got any higher than #34 on the US album charts, but their following did continue to grow.

If you want to see a band that’s all about artistic expression and freedom with their sound, Sonic Youth tickets are just what you need.

Jay Nault


What would a teen want to see in a teenage club? such as events, drinks, live bands, something in that nature

Teenage Club in Antioch IL

Well when I was a teenager there were upscale clubs. They had everything from Pool tables, to video games, to 2 separate rooms that played different music in both. Photographers, and a room for private parties. Food service and one section had live bands every saturday. It was a huge place….


넬 (Nell) - 기억을 걷는 시간 (Live at Music Bank 080321)

**Watch This video on [HQ] Nell’s comeback with 4th album ‘Separation Anxiety’ (Also known as their 6th album

Duration : 0:3:30

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Choosing Your Wedding Day Music

There are many excellent choices for your wedding music. Your wedding music not only depends on your musical taste, but your budget as well. No DJ can compete with the energy of a great live band, but bands are usually much more expensive than DJs. It is not unusual to receive price quotes from live bands that are several times more expensive than that of DJs.

Both bands and DJs are normally charging you by the hours of service performed. Four hours of music is standard in the industry. Music normally begins during the cocktail hour. For how long the band plays should be discussed during the initial negotiations. Both parties should understand what is needed and what is possible.

There are many ways to find wedding music. You can ask for recommendations from friends and family. If you are working with a wedding coordinator, she should be more than happy to assist you with wedding music. It is best to meet with several wedding music professionals before you make a decision. Never hire the first one you meet, even if you fall in love with them. You are doing yourself a disservice, if you don’t interview several bands. Ask to see the bands and DJs in action. Ask for demos to help you to make your decision. Ask for references to see what others think of the band.

Make sure you understand what the band members will be wearing. Remember they are your employees, for the few hours you hire them. They have to dress appropriately, and you not the band members determine what is appropriate. You should ask to see if they could play the songs that you want to hear. Will they take requests from guests? If possible, make sure the bandleader visits the venue before the event to make sure it has all the space and electrical requirements.

If you think you found the band or DJ you want to hire, put all the details in writing. Don’t just take someone’s word for it. Unless it is in writing, it was never part of the deal. If it is important to you put it in writing. It is better to be too careful than to get burned.

George Meszaros


Can someone tell me where I can find a club that offers live old school r&b bands on saturday nights?

I live in chicago and it is unbelievable that I am having a hard time with this. When I do find a place, they have djs playing r&b but I want to see a live band. There are too many blues and jazz spots and not enough r&b/soul. Can someone please help me. I would like to have an answer by Friday. Thanks and I really appreciate all respones/



Any place in or around Houston where you can hear live bands?

I love Modern Jazz, rock jazz, rock, latin, salsa, country, soul music being born in NYC it'll do that to you… so lets get together and feel alright …

For Salsa try going to Skybar on a Thursday night….They have a great band…Actually the best Salsa band in Houston (my opinion)
…There's another place called Helios…It's on Westheimer…Atmosphere is great and there are two levels with different bands…Upstairs it's Jazz (Monday nights) Try it out…I liked it when I went…it's usually packed and it's really casual