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Best and Worst Live bands you have seen?

Also, if you've seen Leftover Crack, August Burns Red, Enter Shikari, or iwrestledabearonce live, let me know how it was.


the best : Crosby . Stills, NAsh $ Young @ the Palace of Auburn Hlls here in MI.

the audio was SOO clean and clear…..and all thenatural sounds came thru..a thing of beauty…

the absolute worst? well there were a LOT…rahter than be bougue, ill just pass on that one…


Coldplay - Viva La Vida (Live)

Live perfomance of Viva La Vida at a secret gig for only 300 people who won a contest in Paradiso, Amsterdam on 5 June 2008.

I’m sorry for the sound, which is a bit out of sync

1 Feb. 2009
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Letting Go of Those Aging Parents Blues

What draws us to the Blues? Most people either love them or hate them. Or, they love hating them. In any case, the Blues are part of our culture . . . And they feed a part of us we can’t seem to let go.

So, what is it about our aging parents and the blues? You’ve felt them, haven’t you? All adult children of aging parents do at some point or another. These HOT blues are a feeling of dis-comfort, dis-quiet, dis-ease, dis-organization, and every other “dis” you can imagine. There can be no doubt when they have you in their grip.

What’s so terribly bad about that?! Well, nothing if you enjoy that bluesy overwhelming feeling. I guess it all depends on why we’re holding on, and what it is that’s getting in the way of the letting go.

When it comes to our relationships with our aging parents, that “getting in the way” stuff is a combination of the history we share and the unknowns that lie ahead.

And so we hold on. And the blues take hold of us. And they hold on. And the cycle just keeps going round and round and round, till our blues are so hotly intertwined in how we see the world that we start believing they’re part of us . . . a part we believe we’ve no ability to change because it’s a part over which we fail to see ourselves having any control.

Just for a moment let me shift gears and draw a distinction between the HOT! Blues and the much easier COool Blues. I live in a very cool little burg. This past weekend was the “2008 Hotlicks Bluesfest” of Granville, Ohio. Several blocks right in the middle of town were shut down, and from 12:30 PM till 10:00 PM our village was filled with the Blues. It was great! And, it was so very coooooooooooool!

Blues lovers came from all over to enjoy the day and to hear the music of five top blues bands. Good food. Good drinks. Good music. What more could one ask?

Best of all, I live just a block and a half from all the festivities. When I’d had enough, I just went home to listen to the music while hanging out on the front porch with my dog and a glass of mellow wine. Yup. Just about as perfect a day as you could get.

Hot versus Cool: Two different kinds of the blues. Two very different temperatures. One we enjoy. One we tolerate. Go figure!

If you take a moment to actually listen to the words that lie beyond the music in the Blues, though, you’ll see there’s not so much difference after all. A lot of pain gets sung out in the blues. The music seems to take the edge off, however, so the pain’s a little smoother and easier to swallow. It doesn’t go away. It just changes enough for us to enjoy it.

As for the blues that life hands us . . . change is going on there as well. You just have to go a little deeper than that dull feeling of dis-harmony to find it.

When it comes to your relationship with your aging parents, what gives you the blues? Do you feel blue when you think about your current situation? Or, do the blues hit you more forcefully when you look into the future?

WHEN do the blues happen?

HOW do they happen?

WHAT do you do when they happen?

HOW do you move beyond them?

Looking back, when I moved home to Pennsylvania following my father’s death, I was in an almost constant minor state of the blues. It was like having a low grade fever I just couldn’t shake. I knew only that something was out of kilter.

I was looking down the road at perhaps the most important job I’d ever undertaken: caring - hands-on - for my mother.

Do you want to talk the BLUES? Let me share the concerns I had:

- My mother and I had spent most of my life “competing” with one another - or at least, so I’d believed. I was the radical child. It was far easier for us to disagree than to spend the time needed to discover how tightly connected we were with one another. (i.e., What on earth did I think I was doing? And how did I plan to become the primary caregiver to the one person with whom I’d always fought?!)

- Did I even have it in me to do what it was going to take, whatever that might be, as my aging mother’s caregiver?!

- How would I deal with . . . (whatever lay ahead)?

- What about “my” time versus “her” needs? Or, was I just being selfish?

- What if she wanted me to….? ahhhh, not that!

- How could I keep from being sucked into all the “stuff” of aging?!

- How would I handle losing her when it was time for her to go? (I was never good at this sort of thing.)

Do you get my drift? It was bits and pieces of the things I didn’t know enough about - or the things for which my expectations far out-reached my understanding - that helped me to surround myself with little Blues traps. One mis-step, and down I’d go. . . or so I feared.

The fact of the matter, though, was that I was lucky enough to learn something before my Blues completely took over. And this thing that I learned was both simple and profound. Even more, its gifts are universal.

Are you ready to catch it? Here it comes: We CHOOSE To Be Blue . . . Or NOT

The Blues are a choice we make - or not. Why do you think some people seem to sail through life, while others are perpetually stuck in the dumps? It’s not that life is any kinder or easier for one versus the other. Far from it! Rather, it’s all about the choices we make.

I know you’ve heard this before, but please pay attention anyway because we keep forgetting this part: You and I CHOOSE how to respond to whatever happens in our lives.

And the Blues . . . well, I choose to see the Blues as an opportunity to change both my perspective and my response. You, of course, may choose to simply stay blue . . . or not. Whatever rocks your boat! When it comes to caring for and about our aging parents, my way wins hands down!

Let me tell you: Life is far more fun when we choose to hang out with a blues band than when we wrap our own blues-band tightly around our psyche. Choices being what they are, I’m stickin’ with the music. If nothing else, I’ll dance those blues away! Why don’t you join me?



The Band & Neil Young - Helpless(Live)

Neil Young & The Band Preform Helpless

Duration : 0:5:27

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how much do live bands get paid per hour at a wedding?

im writing a short story and its one of the details i need.

Our band quoted us $1000 flat. It was a 2-piece band. They were there for 5 hours.

They were AWESOME!!!



Florida Beaches — Swimming, Boating, Fishing, Night Life

When many people think of Florida the first thoughts they have are sunshine and beaches. That’s because Florida has gorgeous sunshine year round and breathtaking white sandy beaches that attract residents and visitors year round. Some beaches are more well-known such as The Florida Keys, Miami’s South Beach. The east coast has Daytona and Cocoa Beach and on the west coast there is St. Petersburg and Clearwater Beach. Panama City has also become a popular spring break and summer getaway for younger beach goers who are looking for a great place to unwind and enjoy the sun. No matter which location you choose, you can’t go wrong. Most locations have taken great care in preserving their shorelines, placing boardwalks or piers to sight see from, and offer low priced and upscale hotels and condominiums to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a seasonal getaway or want to call one of these seaside locations home, you will not be disappointed. Florida is blessed with warm weather almost year round which makes it a great place to stroll in the sand, splash in the water, enjoy a sunset or take advantage of the beachside restaurants that provide lively entertainment and night life.

Florida is surrounded by great waterways to enjoy. You can charter a boat or Jet Ski to play on the water. A good captain will be able to help you catch snook, grouper or the many other types of fish in these waters! You can take sight seeing cruises where you can see dolphins, sea turtles or go to many small or remote islands off these coasts. The Florida Keys is an ocean lovers paradise and popular for lobster catching, snorkeling or scuba diving. It has great live coral and the scenery is breathtaking.

Recently, many beaches have started to expand to not just offer daytime activities but to really spice up their night life. Visitors were coming to this area and spending their days at the shore and their nights in larger cities nearby. These cities decided they wanted their visitors to stay nearby and have taken an interest in offering beachside entertainment such as bands, magicians, and street vendors. Local restaurants and hotels have begun serving appetizers and drinks out on the patio areas and people have started to enjoy sitting by the ocean at night listing to the crashing waves. Now these beachside locations are some of the most popular in town!

Florida Real Estate has always been very popular on the water. Hotels are remodeling to attract more guests. Condominiums and town homes are undergoing renovations to update their facilities and offer more amenities to their owners. Waterfront property has never been more popular. If you are looking for a great place to vacation or live, don’t miss the Florida Beaches. These white sand beaches overlook some of the best water and sea life. View dolphins splashing in the water or go for a day of fishing and you will see why so many people come to Florida year round!

Robert Lipply


Any good restaurant with live bands in Melbourne? Preferably in the city?

I need a place for my birthday and I don't know any places around here. Somewhere quaint and cute. And not too far away.

Try going to:

Pitchfork Restaurant
Location: 476 Glenhuntly Rd
Elsternwick VIC 3185
Phone: (03) 9528 5788

They have a great service there, you will enjoy it.


Can You Still Find A Gem In The LA Music Scene?

At the Whisky a Go Go, Saturday, January 6, 2007, the opening band was Vekstar (Can hear them on my space if you are intereseted.) Some nice tunes on My Space, but the live performance didn’t quite cut it for the audience. The band stood there looking rather bored and disinterested, and the audience quickly followed suit. I like to look around at the effect the performers make on the audience, tells me what other people think. A band should communicate to their audience. One of the basic principles of performance. Vekstar didn’t.

Their performance: poor, boring; Musicianship: Decent; Vocals: lacking energy live, (sound better on My Space); Creativity: poor, after a while it sounded like one long song. Audience rapport: none, people were talking to each other and not many were watching the band as they played. Final analysis. Time to go back to the drawing board. Regroup. Something is not working here.

Second up: Dead Sara (Can hear them on my space if you are interested.) What can I say. Dead Sara
Rocks! The lackluster bored audience became very intent and heads began boppin’ as soon as Dead Sara took the stage. Dead Sara immediately got the audience’s attention and kept it for their whole set. They opened up with a two song two member (reminiscent of the White Stripes) set, and finished with three more songs with a guest bassist and drummer (Their My Space page says bassist and drummer needed).

Performance, great! Nothing too fancy but these girls (Emily and Siouxsie) rock, are alive, and love music. It shows; Musicianship, great. Siouxsie rocks on both guitar and drums. Vocals: Excellent! Best vocals of the night. Great voice and man can that Emily scream! Creativity: Tops! Good mixture of songs and styles. Nothing boring, and they did different songs than they have on My Space. (Except for Innuendo which they played live). Audience rapport. Great! They were totally in sync with the crowd and afterwards I heard good comments coming out of everyone’s mouths. Final Analysis: Keep your eyes on these girls. They are going places.

Third up: BILLY BOY on POISON. (Sorry guys can’t find My Space profile on you). Interesting act. Probably a little on the bizarre side (lead singer in underwear and fishnet stocking type of bizarre), but interesting. Had a good size following there and like Dead Sara had the audience with them throughout their set. A good performance oriented act, with strong rockin’ music, but a little weak (well actually a lot weak) on the vocals.

Performance: Great! (if you like things a little bizarre) Just plain bizarre if you don’t like bizarre. Nonetheless, still a well coordinated stage show. Musicianship: Great! A very tight band, Rockin’music. Vocals: Terrible. Sorry but someone needs a few vocal lessons. Creativity: Decent mixture of songs and styles. Got a little boring after awhile (probably due to the singing more than anything else.) Audience rapport. Great. Seemed to have lots of fans there, and they liked them. Though, a lot of the non fans didn’t have very many kind things to say. Final Analysis. Worth seeing to decide for yourself. If they are your kind of band, you’ll probably like them. If they are not, you won’t.

As for me, not exactly my kind of band. I like good vocals. So I got a little bored and walked out before Billy Boy on Poison finished. Didn’t stay for the other bands.

(c)2007 Ron Powers

Ron Powers


Netflix Live! Band From TV: Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher sings at the Netflix Live!: Band From TV charity event in Los Angeles on August 9th.

Duration : 0:3:21

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Entertainment, Restaurants and Bars in Leicester

The diversity of ethnicities and cultures in Leicester makes it one of the most varied and vibrant cities in the country. The substantial Asian community has brought with it many interesting events which the city enjoys supporting. Complementing the traditional Christian festivities Leicester now also celebrates festivities such as Holi, Diwali, Eid-ul-Fitr and of course the Chinese New Year.

Bars and Pubs:

Partly due to it having two large universities close by the city centre, Leicester city’s bars and clubs are numerous and give a thriving and pulsating feeling to it. Bar and club names can change quite frequently, but this helps to keep the sense of vibrancy in the city in that there is always something new on offer. The Firebug is probably as complete a pub experience as you can get anywhere. The NME student guide for 2005 described it as “A real find for blinding food, beer, tough pub quizzes and lots of live music.” Here there is food to complement the 157 drinks lines they sell, regular live music, access to ‘WiFi’ throughout the premises and Pub Quizzes. Firebug is on Millstone Lane between the Council Offices and the old Town Hall. The Bambu, on the Welford Road below the Council Offices, describes itself as a relaxing café lounge bar blending mystery and sophistication without pretence. The Aqualounge on Wellington Street, more or less opposite the Council Offices is a bar, club and restaurant on 3 floors in one building, with Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights being the club nights. Moving away from the area around the Council offices, in Braunstone Gate, there’s the Loaf which styles itself as a pub to ‘loaf around in’, slow-down, have a drink and let the world go by. If you want a traditional city centre pub, then head for the Globe on Silver Street. Built in 1720 it serves fine draught ales, decent food and has a warm and charming atmosphere.


There is in Leicester what is known as the ‘Golden Mile’ of Asian food, to which people are drawn from miles around for a truly authentic Asian eating experience. The Golden Mile is centred along the Belgrave Road, leading north out of the city from the Haymarket bus station. Some people would say the nearer to the bus station a place is, the better the restaurant will be. Friends is an award winning Tandoori restaurant with main courses ranging from only £5 to £12. Nearby is Sanjay’s Curry Pot which specialises in the Indian/Portuguese cuisine of the Goa region in India. It is one of the oldest established Asian restaurants in Leicester; prices for a main course are typically between £5 and £13. Moving away from the Belgrave Road and into the city centre, there is the Opera House, which is by the Cathedral in Guildhall Lane. This is well known for its imaginative menus and the sumptuous building in which it is housed. Alongside the market in Hotel Street is The Case, another stylish and contemporary restaurant, which also has a champagne bar in which you can order snacks and light meals. Although technically a bar and restaurant, Mobius, on Braunstone Gate, serves an excellent mix of Mediterranean and Thai cuisine. It’s a relaxing place to eat and produces authentic flavours for the regional food it produces by using only the best produce.


The De Montfort Hall is probably the best known venue Leicester has, almost a ‘trade-mark’ venue for the city. Built in 1913 and recently refurbished, it can accommodate an audience of 1500 seated or up to 2200 standing. As well as the indoor hall there is an outdoor amphitheatre that can house up to 5000. It has played host to classical, jazz, blues, folk, rock and pop music as well as being a venue for touring musical shows. In recent years it has also been increasingly used for conferences and exhibitions.

The Haymarket theatre in Leicester was one of the well known repertory theatres in the country. Closed at present, a new theatre is currently being built on Halford Street which is due to open in spring 2007. However, complications in the building programme look as if that opening date will now be postponed.

The Phoenix Arts Centre on Newarke Street is a small community venue providing a wide variety of entertainments. It is mainly used for showing films and hosting touring comedy and musical acts. However, it can also be used for theatrical plays and musical productions. There is, of course, a café/bar, which also hosts musical performances.

For live music, apart from at the De Montfort Hall, The Charlotte on Oxford Street is probably the biggest and best known. A fledgling Oasis played here many years ago! This is the venue in Leicester where you’ll first see the up and coming ‘Indie’ bands.

There are currently some 13 nightclubs to choose from in Leicester. Worth mentioning here is the Po Na Na, which apart from its interesting name, is well known for being the place to go for Funk and House music. Two floors with two separate sound systems make this a savvy and party spirited place to be. Po Na Na is in Carey Close near the Jewry Wall.

Leicester has three comedy clubs; Jongleurs (Granby Street), Ship of Fools (using a variety of stages including the Phoenix Arts Centre, and Bottle Rocket (at the Firebug bar).

Article by Susan Ashby of Leicester Singles. To read more articles like this or for dating in Leicester visit

Susan Ashby