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Internet Business Ideas

Those looking to start an internet business are constantly looking for ideas they hope can be the next big idea. Without regard to start up costs and the ability that there are numerous ideas for businesses that can offer success online. The majority of successful businesses are those that can fill a special need and those that can create a strong presence. One such idea would involve helping local musicians get their feet in the musical door.

A website dedicated to new individuals or groups could offer a biography on musicians along with short clips of their music. It would work like an online audition to help musician get booked for jobs on a regional or local basis. A person could search by genre for a live band, listen to clips of their music, or perhaps music videos, and then book the band for their upcoming event. This type of business could be expanded into major parts of the country with a different site based on geographic location.

It could also encompass many different styles of music and offer an online schedule to show when the bands have open dates as well as where they are playing in case someone wanted to see them live before making a decision on hiring them. Payments for the website could be based on an entry type fee for the band, a percentage of the cost of the booking or later, through advertising revenue. When creating this type of website you could also consider affiliate marketing, choosing online businesses related to music.

Sites that sell music or videos as well as musical instruments and other equipment related to the music industry. Another option could be an online flea market, allowing other people to post their pre priced merchandise. You could have sections dedicated to new and used merchandise and allow posts to advertise their items. Similar to online auctions, without the bidding, you could charge a fee for listing the items, based on the price or a flat fee for all classified listings.

Another internet business idea could work on a local basis in bringing together repair people with those needing work done around their home or business. Those involved in handy work can list their services online, by location and those in need of services can have a place to go to find someone to effect repairs around the house. It could even list appliance repairs and if a person is registered with manufacturers, they may even be able to offer warranty service.

This type of business could list such services as lawn care, driveway sealing and many other services people may find useful. Perhaps you need help setting up a new above ground swimming pool, a listing on an internet set may be helpful in finding someone with the time and experience to help.

Obinna Heche


Caring For Your Rhinocerus Iguanas - Some Useful Tips

One of the largest of all the iguanas, rhinoceros iguanas can reach four feet in length. Their name is attributed to the three horn-like outgrowths on the end of their nose. They are gray or olive green in color, with dark cross bands, which blends in with the rocks of their natural habitat. As cold-blooded reptiles, these iguanas must warm up under the sun before being active during the day (diurnal.) Iguanas of the cyclura genus are found on many Caribbean islands, but the rhinoceros iguana is found only in the islands of Haiti and the Dominican republic.

Rhinoceros iguanas eat leaves, flowers and fruit. They have been observed to eat insects, land crabs, eggs. They are normally ground dwelling lizard, but they will climb trees at times to eat leaves and fruits.

They are primarily found near coastlines of Hispaniola in Haiti. However, due to due human civilization, many were forced to relocate inland. Majority of the populations live in the southern portions of the Dominican Republic. Smaller populations live in neighboring Haiti. They are protected and a threatened species in the Dominican Republic. In Haiti, where they are sometimes hunted for food or local trade.

Habitat destruction and hunting for food and trade constitutes the largest threat to the rhinoceros iguana.

Caring for Rhino Iguanas as Pets

A rhino iguana may require a standard 30 - 50 gallon tank. But as it grows, a custom-built cage may be necessary. The size of the cage will depend on the size of the iguana. To compute for the ideal size for a particular iguana: cage length is one and one half of the lizard length; width is two thirds of the lizard length; height may be equal to the lizard length. A higher cage though may be preferred as iguanas love to climb and stay up. Branches may be set-up inside the cage for their climbing necessities. Choose branches that will match the size your iguana.

Rhino iguanas need to heat their bodies to properly digest food and to help them fight diseases. A thermometer may be used to monitor the temperature in any enclosed area. Ideal temperature should reach around 85 degrees Farenheit. Additional heat may be supplied by a spotlight, heat tape or any undertank heaters. Hot rocks are not recommended for they can damage your iguana’s skin and may even cause serious burns.
Lighting is a must for iguanas. Full-spectrum bulbs help produce Vitamin D3 helping iguanas in their calcium absorption. However, recent studies show that no artificial lighting can ever duplicate the benefits derived from natural sunlight. It is therefore recommended that iguanas be exposed to natural sunlight on a regular basis. Natural sunlight coupled with good diet is the cheaper way to raise rhino iguana. Be wary though not to expose the iguana to sunlight while inside the aquarium as the temperature rise inside may be lethal.

Proper feeding must always be a major consideration in handling your rhino iguanas. Always remember that the health and well-being of your pet iguana will largely depend on the kind of food that you give them. Iguanas require a diet rich in Vitamin D3, calcium and phosphorus. Good source for these are greens such as mustard greens, dandelion greens and turnip greens. Iguanas are by nature, herbivores. They are plant eaters. Dog food, cat food and human food should be avoided. These are not good for the iguanas and can result to kidney failure at their young age. Broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts and cabbages can be given but in small amounts. These vegetables can cause thyroid problem if frequently given. Spinach is also not good for them, it binds calcium. Other vegetables such as zucchini and squash, and other fruits, like raspberries, blackberries and bananas can be added to their diet.

While it is important to monitor the temperature surrounding of the rhino iguana, it is equally important to check on the humidity. They need water and humidity. Regular misting or a humidifier will help maintain humidity to proper level. Ideally, enclosures should maintain humidity level of about 95 - 100 percent. A gauge which monitors both temperature and humidity can help address this monitoring.

Abhishek Agarwal


Vanuatu Has Activities to Suit Any Travellers

The Republic of Vanuatu is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. The archipelago is located some 1,750 km east of Australia, 500 km north east of New Caledonia, west of Fiji and south of the Solomon Islands. It was named New Hebrides during its colonial period.

Vanuatu is an archipelago of 83 islands with a unique blend of intact tribal communities, resorts, beaches and geography ranging from accessible volcanoes to pristine underwater environments, offering unique and memorable experiences.

Vanuatu is the land of so much to see, so much to do with a reputation for interesting, fun and educational activities to suit any travellers expectations, from treks and abseiling to deserted beach picnics and wreck dive explorations to Cultural villages.

The hospitality and invitation to join and participate in Vanuatus cultural, social and sporting activities is uniquely Vanuatu. From the festivals celebrating tribal customs to the big game fishing challenges and the ocean swims, there are always events on offer for those looking to experience something new.

Many of the islands of Vanuatu have been inhabited for thousands of years, the oldest archaeological evidence found dating to 2000 BC. In 1605, the Portuguese explorer Pedro Fernandez de Quiros became the first European to reach the islands, believing it to be part of Terra Australia. Europeans began settling the islands in the late 18th century, after British explorer James Cook visited the islands on his second voyage, and gave them the name New Hebrides.

In 1887, the islands began to be administered by a French-British naval commission. In 1906, the French and British agreed to an Anglo French Condominium on the New Hebrides.

During World War II, the islands of Efate and Espiritu Santo were used as allied military bases. In the 1960s, the niVanuatu people started to press for self governance and later independence. Full sovereignty was finally granted by both European nations on July 30, 1980. It joined the UN in 1981, and the Non Aligned Movement in 1983.

Some of the best nightspots are the Ni Vanuatu discos scattered about town. If you want to visit one, its best to go with someone who knows the nightclub scene. Club Vanuatu, a private club in Rue de Paris, has plenty to tempt patrons, including bars, snooker, darts, satellite TV and live bands at the weekends. Other popular haunts for a night on the town include the Port Vila Pub, Mamu Bar, Sugglers, Anchor Inn, Breakas Bar and Restaurant, Sunset Bar at the Melanesian and Traders.

Major resort and hotels organise Melanesian style feasts once or twice a week with kastom dancing, kava drinking, local string bands and traditional food, ideal way to try local delicacies such as laplap, and experience the wonderful singing and dancing for which Ni Vanuatu are famous, try at Solos Feast or Mele Botanical Garden at Mele Bay in Port Vila.

Douglas Scott


Any good resturants with live bands or game places for a teen birthday party around metro Detroit?

Looking fir a fun place to go and enjoy games and / or a live band with alot of my friends around the metro Detroit area. Thinking about the hard rock cafe but can’t think of anythingg else. Please help me out.

Dave and Busters - Hall Road & Van Dyke
Gamestop - Great Lakes Crossing
Fountain Walk - Novi


Brevard County Florida Real Estate

According to CNN news, two-thirds of Americans ages 25 through 34 are deciding first where they want to live, and then looking for employment in that place. This practice is in direct contrast to the previous generation’s custom of finding a job and then settling wherever was necessary for that job, even if it was less than ideal. Young Americans today seem to care more about quality of life issues, and with so many advances in technology many employees have the flexibility of choosing where they want to live. If you are one of these people, consider Brevard County Florida. Real Estate in the county makes these communities an attractive choice for anyone looking for a great place to settle.

More than seventy-two miles in length, with a frontage to the Atlantic Ocean for its entire length, this idealistic county is conveniently located only 35 miles from Orlando. The county includes the communities of Melbourne, Merritt Island, Melbourne Beach, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Suntree, Viera, Patrick Air Force base, and some smaller communities, all of which form Brevard County Florida. Real Estate in this area makes Brevard County Florida an even more idyllic community to live. Unbelievably, Brevard County Florida boasts some of the most affordable harbour properties in Florida.

Waterfront condominiums are a growing craze, with a huge selection of high-rises and condominiums available. Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral are popular locations for settling into luxurious ocean view condominiums. Waterside properties offer stunning beachfront views, private beach side patios, and some include private fenced in pools. Whether you want to settle into a condominium for your home, a second vacation home or a rental property, Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral offer inviting and luxurious sea front properties.

Brevard County Florida real estate also features a range of appealing oceanfront townhouses. With the hopes of attracting investors, renters, and homeowners, many professional renovators in the area have refurbished and revamped a number of lavish town homes. Most of these seaside town homes can be found in Melbourne Beach and Cape Canaveral. Many of the homeowners in this area relish the peaceful atmosphere of living on the water, and private entrances to the beach are just one of the many perks these town homes offer homeowners.

There are so many things to do in Brevard County Florida, between the gorgeous beach fronts to relaxing activities like fishing, with some of the best redfish fishing in the world, you can find it all here. Visit the world famous Ron Jons surf shop in Cocoa beach, it spans over 52,000 square feet. It’s a multi-level store, which features its own waterfall, glass elevator, bands, school trips and surf stars dropping in to sign autographs. Explorers will enjoy a trip to NASAs Kennedy Space Center to watch a space shuttle launch or participate in some interesting classes they offer. Whether you are looking for a great place to put down roots, or a great place to buy a vacation property, Brevard County Florida Real Estate offers some of the best and most reasonable waterfront properties in America.

For more information on Florida real estate, visit

John Parks


what bands are good live, rock/pop or just rock?

i saw green day last night and they were AWESOME!!! but i dunno who else is really good live and touring in england at the moment
could you tell me some good live bands, and when theyre touring england please
i like bands like all time low, funeral for a friend and the audition
thanks for the help :D
You Me At Six.
Twenty Twenty.
Saving Aimee.
Iron Maiden.


Beginner Learning Guitar - The Basic Equipment You Need To Play Guitar

If you’re a beginner that’s bent on learning the guitar, that’s absolutely great! Playing the guitar is a very enjoyable experience that can enrich your life in many ways.

Before you go out and start jamming with bands and promising your friends that you’ll be singing at the camp fire, you’re going to need some basic equipment. Here is a list of the basic things that every beginning guitar player should own.

1. You need a guitar. This one is obvious, but it needs to be said. You can’t stand around telling everyone that you play the guitar when you don’t even own one!

2. Get your instrument a case. Sometimes beginners learning guitar might overlook this piece of equipment, but owning a case is almost as vital as the instrument itself. A well-constructed case can save you hundreds of dollars in damage and grief when that first big accident comes.

3. Hold it up with a guitar strap. You don’t want to be sitting down playing forever, so go out and shop for a strap to hold up your guitar. There are so many to choose from with a huge variety of colors, fabrics, and lengths.

4. Play through an amplifier. If you want to play live and share what you’ve learned as a beginner with an audience, you’re going to need a guitar amplifier to project your sound. If you want an amp for practice reasons, stick with a 15 watt version, but if you want to play live, pick something with at least 90 watts.

5. You’ll need cables to hook up to the amp. So you have the guitar amp, but you can’t plug in without some good cables! Order some semi-long quarter-inch cables to hook up to your amplifier. Make sure you purchase extras when the first batch goes bad right in the middle of a performance.

6. Keep that guitar in tune with a tuner. You need your strings to stay in tune when you’re playing and the best way to keep that in check is with an electronic tuner. Go to your local music store and check out tuners that can hook right up to your amplifier as a pedal for tuning live on the go.

These are just some of the very basic things that a beginner learning guitar should own. Remember that things will wear and break and it’s always a good idea to have back-ups of your equipment and gear.

Kyle Hoffman


What are some bands that sound much better LIVE?

And inversely, what bands suck live?

the grateful dead almost always sounded better live than on their studio albums.

i saw led zeppelin in 1975, the sound sucked and they only played 9 pr 10 songs. they may have been having an off night, but i was very disappointed.