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Where can I download music videos or live videos of bands like Chiodos and From First To Last?

1 site i know is

do u guys know more?
Im not sure if it works anymore.


1st Rule Of Promotion. Where Do I Start?

The Starting Point

(1) Never put on a live music night unless you know the alternative crowd and are into the live music scene. Most people that start a regular night love that certain brand of music.

(2) Find a local pub that is known for its live music following.

(3) If you are under 18 find a church hall or community center. Function rooms are very cheap to hire or even free at times.

(4) With pubs and nightclubs they don’t usually give up weekend nights to first time promoters unless you have proved yourself in the past.

(5) Monday or Tuesday are very good nights to start up as pubs/nightclubs are usually not that busy.

(6) Live music nights are usually run from 7.30 pm until 10/11pm. These are sometimes called early shows. The club can then put on an early show and open up after.

Promotion Checklist

Use the following checklist to ensure you are organised:

(1) The venue is booked and the price has been agreed in writing.

(2) The bands are booked and understand the night’s concept.

(3) The soundman and P.A is organised and price agreed.

(4) Flyers, Tickets and posters designed and printed.

(5) Promotional material distributed accordingly.

(6) Budget calculated and allocated.

How to make your promotion stand out?

You will need at least 6 weeks to promote your event. Most venues are booked months in advance so being organised is essential. Many events fail because they are poorly organised or badly promoted.

Promotion Tips:

(1) Find events that showcase the type of theme similar to yours and distrubute flyers and posters.

(2) Street flyering

(3) Nightclub exit flyering

(4) Most towns or cities have a small publication like a “Local going out guide” or “What’s on guide”.

(5) Website Forums

We hope this guide is useful to you. Remember, if you have any further queries contact the Flyerboy team.

Chris Riley


Enjoy Nightlife In Florida

Miami’s South Beach is the area to see and be seen. Tampa heaves with cool clubs and bustling bars. The Walt Disney Resort alone has an amazing number of discos, comedy clubs, restaurants and dinner shows.

The best place to spot a celebrity is

Bash, South Beach, Miami.

Bash is a European-style dance club. Sean Penn and rock star Mick Hucknall of Simply Red were the original owners of Club Bash and the trend has been carried on by current owner Steve Gabur. This is a great club and a perfect place to star gaze at the odd celebrity. A-list clientele have included Johnny Depp, Linda Evangelista, Antonio Banderas and more.

The best place to check out Rock bands is

Cheers, Fort Lauderdale

A friendly, casual atmosphere bar, which showcases current live classic Rock and Blues shows seven nights a week. It also has a busy dance floor. There is pool and darts, cheap chicken wings and a Wednesday night taco and tequila party.

Kissimmee entertainment for the whole family.

The night comes to life in Kissimmee where you’ll find a special brand of entertainment the whole family can enjoy. There is live rodeo every Friday night for romping, stomping, heart pounding fun.

Classic cars cruise down the streets of Old Town on Fridays and Saturdays. There are Themed dinner shows that provide distinctive entertainment each night of the week. You will also find plenty of entertainment for everyone at Walt Disney World Resort’s Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island.

Universal Orlando Resort’s CityWalk also offer more night-time entertainment nearby.

Stay at these vacation rental homes in Orlando, Florida, whilst being entertained in Kissimmee. Low cost luxury villa accommodation are just 10 minutes away and available at Rent directly from the owners and save.

Tim Burton


How to Get Gigs When They’ve Never Seen You Play

There are a number of ways you can get people you’ve never met or who’ve never seen you live, to book your band. The fastest and least expensive way to start getting gigs is using the phone.

First, make sure you’ve got a long list of target venue name and numbers and you’re clear in your own mind about why a venue should book you.

Can you really get places to book you over the phone without you even meeting them? The answer is certainly yes.

Some people try to make out that selling is a “black art” with secrets known only to the few. That you have to be a “born salesperson” and have the “gift of the gab” before you can succeed.

The good news is you don’t need to be an extrovert who can talk for his country to get gigs from people you’ve never met. You just need an established system or framework and the self belief this will give you. If you can learn to play a guitar or remember song lyrics then you can certainly master the basics of selling. Well enough in fact, to keep your band busy throughout the year.

Not only that, but because people tend to think that being able to sell is the domain of only the chosen few, when you are able to get gigs by selling your band, you can make yourself indispensable to any band.

Face to face selling, the much feared “foot-in the door” isn’t something you’ll need to concern yourself with for gig-getting. There are ways to secure all the bookings you need without ever having to get in front of anyone to sell your act.

Ask don’t tell

The first thing to remember about selling is that it’s primarily about asking questions of your prospective buyer. Selling your band isn’t (just) about telling a venue booker how great your band is.

Only once you’ve asked questions to find out what the venue may be looking for do you tell them why they should consider hiring you.

What you’re trying to do in asking questions is to gain ammunition that you’ll use when the time comes to tell them about your band.

The system I’ve used to get gig after gig and which can work for you, revolves around 3 key questions you’ll ask.

1. Check they have time to talk to you (don’t imitate the worse kind of call centre behaviour and go ploughing into a speech about yourself if the person you’re calling hasn’t said he has time to listen).

Introduce yourself (“I’m in a local covers band that plays at Chaser’s wine bar amongst other places….” or whatever)

2. Tell him/her you have one quick question to ask “If that’s ok?”

3. Ask them about the bands they currently use and if they meet all their requirements

When you’ve asked this last question you’ll either get a “Thanks but we’re happy with our current acts”. In this case tell them you understand and you’ll stay in touch. Do this with a newsletter on a regular basis until you secure a booking.

Or, more often than you’d imagine, you’ll be told they are looking for new acts or their roster of bands could do with improving. When you get one of these responses there’s a booking there for the taking. Use another question and ask them how you go about getting considered to play there.

Some will ask for your demo CD or myspace details. Providing you have what they ask for and you sound at least reasonable you’ll get the gig when you’ve they’ve listened to it and you call them back. But you will probably need a number of follow-up calls to chase them. Don’t give up on the follow-up. I’ve had more than one venue take 5 or more follow-up calls but then become regular profitable venues for us.

Other places you call will ask about your price and availability immediately. So make sure you know the price you’re aiming for and you’re armed with your gig diary for every call so you take the booking there and then.

Gareth Bird


U2 Downloads for Every Playlist

U2 landed on the international music scene in the 1980s and twenty years later, they’re still going strong. With a combination of social activism, sincere lyrics, and genuine musicianship, the Irish rockers are arguably one of the most successful rock bands of all time. From vinyl records to tapes to cds to downloads, the band has stayed the course through the winds of change.

Thanks to digital technology, the music of U2 can be explored through single digital files instead of pouring through the cds in their extensive discography. Don’t know where to begin? Don’t fret. We’ve compiled a list of U2 downloads that every hipster simply must include on their digital playlist.

“With or Without You” – From the critically acclaimed album, The Joshua Tree, this song was the first #1 single for the band in the United States. It reached #4 in the UK. The song has so far been featured on three TV series: Friends, The Office, and Cold Case. Considered an emotionally sad song, guitarist The Edge came up with a simple riff for the ending to affect a lifting of the spirits for listeners.

“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – The second single from The Joshua Tree has become the most covered U2 song. A live recording of the song, featuring the New Voices of Freedom, was placed on 1988’s Rattle and Hum album.

“Pride (In the Name of Love)” – A solid effort from The Unforgettable Fire, the song is the second most performed in the band’s tour history. The lyrical content reflects emotion and thought stemming from the civil rights movement and was inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders sang backup.

“One” – Released in 2002 as the third single off of Achtung Baby, the title eventually became the inspiration ONE Campaign to fight poverty, which was launched by lead singer Bono. In 2006, it was voted Britain’s Best Lyric by the people of the UK. Recently, Mary J. Blige featured it on her Grammy Award-winning The Breakthrough, and featured the rockers for the recording.

“Beautiful Day” – With the release of this single, U2 emerged back onto the national scene after largely experimental efforts during the mid to late 90s. The song garnered 3 Grammy Awards for the Irish quartet.

Narrowing down to a selection of just five U2 downloads for a band of this caliber seems asinine. However, it’s a good place to start if you’re too young or otherwise unfamiliar with the historical success of the 22-time Grammy Award winners. It’s also a good stroll through memory lane, rendering curiosities of what’s to come as the band taunts fans with hints of a forthcoming album.

Cameron Morrison