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Recommended Live Lounges in Singapore to Visit

Singapore is not all about the fast paced city life style, stress induced traffic jams and a culture that ruches in and out and tries to squeeze you out of the picture - so they can get to the latest bargains and be the first in the queue of something seemingly important. Singapore realises that there is a time for speed, and there is a time to languish, and the entertainment scene has responded while, with an outcropping of many live lounges and relaxing bars for visitors, locals and tourists alike.

Its time to get out of the hotel and into the city. Sure, the hotel lounge is great but all you get to meet or usually other tourists! Singapore has a wide selection of lounges that will appeal to the senses and soothe you back to a meditative state with soft tones and a great martini. Balcony Bar and Alley Bar are some of the soft shadow lounges, dark, lit by candle light and draped with unobtrusive music that just lingers in your ear and reminds you of how good it is to just lay back and relax. In fact Orchard Road is filled with such live lounges, and Alley Bar and its sister Acid Bar, has some of the greatest jazz of blues local singers on offer.

Want something more up beat and groovy? Bars like Brix at Orchard Road and Thumper at Good Wood park hotel are just some of the relaxing lounges you can try to while the night away. They have imported foreign talents, with some of the best rnb live acts and pop incarnations you will ever see. The ambience is unmatched, plush sofa seats and well made drinks in an environment just made for chilling and relaxing are some of the things you can expect when you do come to any one of these places. Brix Bar and Lounge is slightly louder and more energetic, with a band that goes from soft sounds to hard pop and famous rock ballads by the end of the night. The crowd is friendly and the beer cold, two important factors for anyone looking for a good night out.

Hop on down to Clarke Quay and jive on down to places like Pump Room, Arena and Bellini Room. Early hours, these places are lounges that boast some great live bands - and is later transformed into a club when the midnight chime approaches. Le Noir lounge and the Loof in North Bridge Road are also some of the places you can head down to for a quiet night out.

In actual fact there are tons of places that offer good seating, great drinks and even better live music all over Singapore. You just know where to look and usually word of mouth is one of the best ways to get to where you want to go. You could be hanging in some outback lounge listening to the Prince of Wales or even 72 storeys up; taking in the sounds of jazz and rock high in the sky.

Ethan Ong


Where is a good place to go in cardiif on a saturday night to see live bands?

We are staying in the Royal hotel, so close proximity to there would be good (within walking distance)

Barfly, which is on the corner of the Queen Street (next to a bank and opposite the side of the castle) has live music. Prices are quite good.

You could try the Welsh Club on Womanby Street (walk down the street opposite the castle) . Drink at the Irish pub first (avoid Revolution) or there’s a Wetherspoons down Womanby Street. They have interesting bands.

For more well-known names try St. David’s Hall or CIA.


How many bands have you seen live ?

Which ones are they? If there’s been like too many to write, just say what the main ones were. What was the best band you’ve seen live? And which band would you like to see that you haven’t seen yet?

i don’t know how many in total. some i have seen….

the grateful dead
bob dylan
allman brothers
zz top
stevie ray vaughan
govt mule
string cheese incident
led zeppelin
bad company
the beach boys
the turtles

that’s all i can remember right now.