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What bands will you be seeing live this year?

Q1: what concerts will you be going to this summer, what are you most looking forward to?

Q2: what are the most awesome bands to see live?

Q1: I’ll be going to Wacken this year, so what I look forward to: Arch Enemy, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, WASP,TYR, Equilibrium, Immortal, Naglfar, Amorphis, Stratovarius, Kampfar, Edguy, UDO…etc Then Iron Maiden again in Romania[Maiden twice the same month, oh yeah!!], and after that Ozzy, if he survives until then…
Sabaton and Alestorm in autumn.

also seen The Big four [Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax] last week.

That’s all, for now ^^

Q2: best live bands which I’ve seen [ maybe there are others...but I haven't seen them :P]…in this exact order:
1. AC/DC - great show, perfect sound
2. Iron Maiden - for obvious reasons
3. Rammstein - far to be my favorite band, but their concerts are amazing visual-wise
4. Hammerfall - one of my fav bands
5. Korpiklaani - always an amazing athmosphere and lots of beer. Fun concerts and high chances for autographs .
6. Manowar
7. Turisas - you think 2 hours lasted 15 minutes…
8. Megadeth
9. Arkona - best female voice ever!
10. Metallica


Where to see good live bands in Peterborough Ontario?

I am heading up to Peterborough, Ontario this weekend and want to know what bars I should go to on Saturday to see a good live band, not heavy metal or anything just classic/ standard rock. I have heard the music scene is good in Peterborough…where do I go and what bands do I look for?

The red dog is a good place in Peterborough. it has lots of live rock groups