넬 (Nell) - 기억을 걷는 시간 (Live at Music Bank 080321)

**Watch This video on [HQ] www.youtube.com Nell’s comeback with 4th album ‘Separation Anxiety’ (Also known as their 6th album

Duration : 0:3:30

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  1. wtf2282 Says:

    귀찬다 니가 해라
    귀찬다 니가 해라

  2. Babybobgirl Says:

    Before replying …
    Before replying back to me& trying to make me respond back, would you like to translate fully in English what you just said.

    Surely you would like to share it with the rest of the international viewers.

    Most of us first visited this site to appreciate the music,not to be dragged into groundless, political arguement..

    Could we all just leave this site clean.

  3. Babybobgirl Says:

    I agree with you.

    I agree with you.
    Yet it is saddening to see more angry,mean comments on this website flowing in, even after my/ur comments…

    Why can’t we all just get along&just APPRECIATE THE MUSIC…

  4. wtf2282 Says:

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 대만은 죶도 아닌 …
    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 대만은 죶도 아닌 나라임 걍 상대안하면댐 거지 새끼들

  5. gosmartie Says:

    The reason that …
    The reason that everyone ends up on these videos is because of our universal love for music. Some people may not understand the lyrics when they listen to it, but many look up the translations and share in the emotions. I hate to sound philosophical…

    여러분이 사랑하는 한국 팝뮤직을 같이 들었으면 좋겠습니당. 부탁들입니다.

  6. Babybobgirl Says:

    REALLY?!? o.O

    REALLY?!? o.O

    First time I am hearing this to be honest..

    I thought they loved Korean stuff/eg: SHINee’s Oxygen song topped no.1 in Taiwan…

    Infact,don’t most Asian countries like Korean media/ppl/….

    -gundeh when yock un hanguk malro-
    If they really r dissing Korean ppl for no reason, just say that&why next time in English to raise awareness..^^

  7. doslrnt Says:

    대만애들 유튜브와 한국 욕 진짜 …
    대만애들 유튜브와 한국 욕 진짜 많이하죠.. 특히 가요같은건 지들이 배껴가면서 반대로 한국이 배껴같다고 ..주객전도

  8. Babybobgirl Says:

    haha me too~
    haha me too~

  9. Babybobgirl Says:

    Look..although we …
    Look..although we are overseas, we still LOVE Korea.Some of us are visiting this page because we are interested in Korean music&want to support it.

    + Some people don’t have Korean keyboard/laptops. We have no choice,but to speak English.

    Many of us had to learn English to survive.

    Why are u being so angry,when I hear Korean people hating other Koreans I don’t understand.

    Please think before leaving nasty comments next time.

    Thank you.

  10. Babybobgirl Says:

    OMG the live …
    OMG the live performance sounds EXACTLY like the MV !

  11. Babybobgirl Says:

    what’s wrong with …
    what’s wrong with 대만 ppl?

  12. doslrnt Says:

    대만은 진짜 시발놈들
    대만은 진짜 시발놈들

  13. l4me Says:

    wow the end part is …
    wow the end part is such a masterpiece :))))

  14. nisha1921 Says:

    i love this song^^
    i love this song^^

  15. letjkrule Says:

    Nell and Epik High. …
    Nell and Epik High. The best in Korea.

  16. RAWRRxmonster Says:

    i love nell! :D
    i love nell! :D

  17. GDtrack Says:

    뭐이리 한국인들끼리 싸움들이 많은지 …
    뭐이리 한국인들끼리 싸움들이 많은지…여기서 힘낭비하지말고 대만놈들이 우리나라 음악 카피한거나 욕해라 알았냐 ?빨리 taiwan copy나 치고 ㄱㄱ

  18. blutori Says:

    wow KJW. his music …
    wow KJW. his music always touches me deeply…I have to thank nell for bringing such music. this song is sad but joy to my ear.

  19. glen8716 Says:

    빡치게하지말고 아가리 닫아라 …
    빡치게하지말고 아가리 닫아라 유투브다.

  20. nenefaith86 Says:

    do u have …
    do u have friendster?become a fan of nell on friendster.

  21. fdp8150 Says:

    넬 도 서태지처럼 심포니같은거하면 …
    넬 도 서태지처럼 심포니같은거하면 대박일텐데
    넬노래는 서태지노래보다 심포니하기가 좋아서 서태지꺼보다 사운드 더 죽일듯 ㅎ

  22. ladymerciful Says:

    wow he’s good live …
    wow he’s good live too

  23. democracyplease Says:

    영어 쓴다고 불만인애들은 뭐냐… …
    영어 쓴다고 불만인애들은 뭐냐… 닥치고 노래나 듣자. ㅉㅉ show some appreciation dammit

  24. 88poprincess88 Says:

    this is so soothing …
    this is so soothing :]],,,,i luvs nell,,,,,SALANGHEEEE!!!!

  25. KricLiang Says:

    기억을 ƹ .

    기억을 ƹ .

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