Arctic Monkeys Exclusive Live Music DVD Premiere

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Arctic Monkeys at The Apollo is a cinematic feast that invites the audience to immerse themselves in the style and force of the UK’s most striking band as they deliver one of their most intense performances to date.

Shot on the final night of the band’s 2007 world tour, the set list includes I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor, Fluorescent Adolescent and Brianstorm.

Directed, edited and produced by a host of renowned and award-winning names, including Richard Ayoade (The Might Boosh and The I.T Crowd), this will be a unique opportunity to see a stunning piece of cinema as it was meant to be seen, on the big screen, in high definition and with full surround sound.

This must-see show takes place on Tuesday 14th October at 9pm

Tickets are now on sale and standard ticket prices apply.

Buy your tickets from the channel now!

Duration : 0:1:19

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  1. arcticscummie Says:

    I just got the …
    I just got the promo dvd-r of it! :D

  2. diedjeee777 Says:

    het is heel kort
    het is heel kort

  3. simplelife88393 Says:

    You sad, sad
    You sad, sad

  4. AlexTurnersMate Says:

    This is a long shot …
    This is a long shot, but i need some of you brainache computer nerds to help me find out where Alex got his boots from, I need to buy some like. I would ring him, being his mate and all, but its not very rock n roll like, is it. Please help, respect to any geeza that sheds some light on this mystery - or finds some similar.

  5. 111puffinmuffin111 Says:

    It’s “still take …
    It’s “still take you home”

  6. arcticpuppet505 Says:

    aaahw jealous :(
    aaahw jealous :(

  7. koolkidscoot Says:

    I GOTS THAT 1!!!! : …
    I GOTS THAT 1!!!! :D

    with the limited edition vinyl

  8. kerryfan14 Says:

    what was dat song?? …
    what was dat song???????

  9. SaintCammy4444 Says:

    im guna order it …
    im guna order it 2nt like was jw is it a full live performance or like a documnetary with behind the scenes stuff

  10. futurejessica Says:

    I found it. Thats …
    I found it. Thats what es me off. I just havent received it. And its been over a month. I ordered the Deluxe edition though. So thats pretty exciting.

  11. boywithcamera7 Says:

    i cant find it …
    i cant find it anywhere either :(

  12. sannXarcticmonkeys Says:

    I watch it like, …
    I watch it like, every evening XD
    Omg i love jamie…

  13. arcticpuppet505 Says:

    think it was 25 …
    think it was 25 euros without any other stuff, actualy wanted to have the deluxe edition (with posters, cards and more fanstuff)

  14. friendsorenemies1234 Says:

    you have the DVD so …
    you have the DVD so cool, how much did it cost?
    i have been looking for it but it seems finished or something, i hope they have it in my country

  15. futurejessica Says:

    They said its just …
    They said its just back ordered. I live in the US and I cant get it anywhere else. I just need it in my life. When I get it I’m going to watch it twenty THREE times straight.

  16. arcticpuppet505 Says:

    I ordered it …
    I ordered it November 14th on the official AM-website, and think I got it December 1st, but I had to pick it up at the local music store. Maybe they haven’t got the correct address and delivered the dvd somewhere else, sorry

  17. arcticpuppet505 Says:

    yes really
    yes really

  18. futurejessica Says:

    Makes me want to …
    Makes me want to cry. I ordered it December 1st and I still havent gotten it yet. And the estimated shipping date is January 24th. I mean, are you ing kidding me?

  19. arcticpuppet505 Says:

    i got it 3 weeks …
    i got it 3 weeks ago, and i’ve already watched it uuuh… 23 times hehe

  20. grunntalll Says:

    Saw this at my …
    Saw this at my local Movie theater last night. Was Great!

  21. AtomicBeeTV Says:


  22. eddykins900 Says:

    im gettin this for …
    im gettin this for xmas wooo!!!!

  23. futurejessica Says:

    Im so jealous of …
    Im so jealous of the people who got to see it in cinema. But I ordered it about a week ago, it should be coming in soon. Hopefully. I need Alex all over.

  24. jayroo71 Says:

    such a great song …
    such a great song too. ill be buying this one.

  25. drekooo Says:

    i …

    i watched in the cinemaaaa o/

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