Dave Matthews Band - You Might Die Trying: Live at Piedmont

Dave Matthews Band performs “You Might Die Trying” from their DVD “Live at Piedmont Park”

Duration : 0:7:15

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  1. TheHorsts Says:

    i find that a …
    i find that a little scary

  2. ChaseAwayDrummer Says:

    as house the doctor …
    as house the doctor house??

  3. ruxandra1117 Says:

    hahah its not so …
    hahah its not so hard. all it really takes is a combination of good looks, guts, and pure luck:) my bro and i got to watch from the side of the stage before…its amazing and ur so close to everything and everyone…its an amazing experience…lol yea it was always a life goal for me to just be able to say hi to dave but i never thought it would actually happen!! and to think were actually friends now…crazy. dont give up on that goal!! it really can come true:)

  4. steamtrain1978 Says:


  5. miko54321 Says:

    AAAAHAHA oh …
    AAAAHAHA oh its breakfest.. en jookes

  6. SelfRevolution37 Says:


  7. SelfRevolution37 Says:

    its not a trumpet …
    its not a trumpet you jackass

  8. Zen3y3 Says:

    That is just great …
    That is just great guys, you have or are considering giving up on the procreation of our species… and you just want to buttfuck all day… hmm yeah… that’s gay alright. lol jk.

  9. jamminjosh999 Says:

    I am gonna die …
    I am gonna die trying

  10. jamminjosh999 Says:

    3 men i would go …
    3 men i would go gay for. DAVE, ben folds, and trey anastetio

  11. ak231510 Says:

    I absolutely love …
    I absolutely love when he screams “you might die trying,” at the end.

  12. XicaBoliviana Says:


  13. spongebobnik Says:

    One advantage of …
    One advantage of being “over the hill” is you can like anything out there. Where has DM been all my life? You’re mine! mine! mine now!
    Love his creativity, lack of inhibition, sweetness. Wouldn’t have looked you up DM if it wasn’t for that role you played in a House, MD episode. XOX

  14. abbottgr Says:

    5:04 and on is …
    5:04 and on is amazing

  15. ChaseAwayDrummer Says:

    how hard is it to …
    how hard is it to get on the stage in a DMB gig?? i made a bucket list and one of my goals is to make eye contact with carter and dave!!

  16. TheSabessa Says:

    id turn gay for …
    id turn gay for leroi’s saxophone….wait, what?

  17. pdub000 Says:

    i turned gay for …
    i turned gay for dave a few months ago actually.. i saw this video and i no longer found women sexually atractive

  18. steamtrain1978 Says:

    dont like the …
    dont like the trumpet

  19. jenikatX3 Says:

    You Got it! …
    You Got it! Greetings from NH!

  20. jenikatX3 Says:

    OMG LMAO that is …
    OMG LMAO that is HOT!

  21. noles33 Says:

    Carter is GOD!!!!!! …
    Carter is GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. PeeHoleMcGee Says:

    Simple music for …
    Simple music for simple minded people.

  23. timrybin12 Says:

    id turn gay for …
    id turn gay for dave mattews

  24. TheSabessa Says:

    “Good Grief! I …
    “Good Grief! I gotta go to bed or somethin’!”

    LOL! XD

  25. olaaiclo Says:

    great music with …
    great music with beautiful passion! greetings from Poland! from Wrocław :) Aleksandra Kopeć :)

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