Entertainment - the Key to a Memorable Wedding Reception

Many people agree that great entertainment is the key to a great wedding, but to the majority of couples, organising the after ceremony entertainment comes a long way down the list of priorities and in many cases is almost considered as an afterthought.

But if you really want your wedding party to be as memorable as you’d hoped for, researching and booking your reception entertainment as early as possible is vital.

There are a number of choices available such as live bands, mobile DJ or hire of a PA system with which to play your own music via an iPod or similar device. But all of these options may well need to be booked far in advance and so making a decision early and acting on it may well mean the difference between getting the reception you want or having to settle for a disappointing second choice.

Live bands are a popular choice and there’s nothing quite like a good covers band to really get the guests jiving on the dancefloor. Further more the atmosphere and vibe a live band can create can be very memorable. You can decide on a band that plays your favourite music type and some will learn any songs that you specifically want playing, especially for your event. But although a live band may be an attractive option it’s worth bearing in mind that quality wedding bands can be very expensive and may be booked up to a year in advance so you need to start the search almost as soon as you have booked the venue. When deciding on a band, always ask for any references or testimonials from previous customers that they may have. There’s no better judge of a bands quality than the reaction of previous audiences.

DJ’s and discos may prove to be considerably cheaper than live bands and will more than likely not need to be booked so far in advance. Most mobile DJ’s will have a comprehensive collection of music at their disposal so you will be able to request any songs you particularly want playing in advance, and be assured that they sound as you expected. However, mobile DJ’s may not engage your guests as successfully as a quality live band and many people have the stereotypical image of the mobile disco that puts them off the idea.

Another option that more and more people are now considering is organising their own music as the evening entertainment. Hiring a PA system and plugging in your own iPod or laptop gives people the chance to play the music they want to hear rather than listening to a DJ, as well as saving them considerable sums of money. PA systems can also be very versatile. Speeches and tributes to the bride and groom can also be channelled through a PA so only one system is needed for all entertainment and speech requirements. One thing that you must bear in mind if considering providing your own music via a hired PA system is to ensure that you play something everyone will want to hear and ultimately dance to. You may be the world’s biggest Meatloaf fan and want to listen to all his studio albums in chronological order at your reception, but will everybody else?

Whatever your decision when choosing your wedding party entertainment, you will more than likely have a great day, but taking the time to really consider what you would truly love at your reception may mean the difference between a great and truly fantastic day.

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