Jay Trainer Store: Where to Get the Latest Jay Trainer Band News

The Musician in Jay Trainer

Jay Trainer is the singer and songwriter known for his groovy and eccentric music. He is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but is now based in San Francisco, California. He was accustomed to listening to classic rock, blues, and soul music back in the 1960s and 1970s, and most of his life was spent buried in music. As an adolescent, he played with his college bands and jam non-stop from east coast down until he established and made a name for himself in 2000. He finally found a place in San Francisco, California where he is currently pulling his stakes doing recordings and live performances along with his band. He is working on several other local projects and with Jay Trainer Band store that sells products made by environmental groups that he supports.

The Music of Jay Trainer

His music is reminiscent and inspired by the music of various bands he idolizes. It is evident in his creation such as the Tinseltown and Tiny Cheese, as they show expression and emotion in the forefront of the songs. Jay Trainer is known for his live performances. He is now a veteran of the studio, and hard work is now paying off as he grew to become one of the stalwarts of Rock n’ Roll today. He also plays with his Jay Trainer Band and Jay Trainer fanatics are always eager to hear about Jay Trainer Band news.

The Band of Jay Trainer

Jay Trainer also plays with other performers whom he calls the Jay Trainer Band, along with UnionGroove and First Day Spaces. Show schedules and other Jay Trainer Band news such as album releases and gigs are always being watched out and looked forward to by their followers. Other Jay Trainer Band News such as the recent Of The Sun CD release party, which happened on the 22nd of November at CELLspace in Mission District, was a much-awaited event. The party was a whole night of jamming with Vinyl, Rainmaker, and featured artists such as Colin Brown from the Monophonics, Eric Levy from the Garaj Mahal and a whole lot more. The CD of the album though was released earlier on the 18th of November.

The Store of Jay Trainer

A part of the proceeds of the Jay Trainer Band is donated for the benefit of Greenpeace and other local environment groups. It supports the Jay Trainer Band Store, which features shirts that are produced from 100 percent environmentally helpful products. It does not use pesticides, harmful resins, and plastic prints in its shirt production. It is made from 100 percent organic cotton and water-based inks. You can purchase these shirts at the Jay Trainer Band store. Other items featured in the shop are all the albums released by Jay Trainer Band—First Day Spaces, Alive in a Small Room, The Waking Hours, and the most recent album, Of The Sun.

The Site of Jay Trainer

Jay Trainer’s site is dedicated to all Jay Trainer fanatics out there. At the site, you can check out the show schedules of Jay Trainer Band, and you can also buy tickets there. While surfing the site, you can also listen in on the music of the Jay Trainer.

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