Live - Lightning Crashes

Music video for Live - Lightning Crashes

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  1. annem65 Says:

    Wow, this song must …
    Wow, this song must be really hard for you to listen to. I lost my dad 21 years ago, but, there is this random song from the 70’s that they rarely play, but, if I hear it, it breaks me up because he had this joke about it… I feel for you.

  2. annem65 Says:

    I just wanted to …
    I just wanted to clarify that this song didn’t actually come out when my daughter was born, 17 years ago…it came out much later, but, when it came out, it made me think of her birth. Not a big deal, just wanted to add that. lol!

  3. nekochan62 Says:

    Birth and death …
    Birth and death are the most profoundly sacred and mystical moments to witness and experience.

  4. JenniJin Says:

    i absolutely love …
    i absolutely love this song

  5. Bredinin Says:

    wonderful song… …
    wonderful song…wonderful band..great remind of the 90`s

  6. Bredinin Says:

    one of the most …
    one of the most powerful songs i ever heard…this band is amazing…the lyrics are deepminded and magnificant!!!

  7. ascottzander Says:

    Seen these guys …
    Seen these guys about 15 years ago in the Glasgow Barrowlands, amazing live BTW. Only band that actually sounds like their tapes (then;0)

  8. mgnewageD479 Says:

    very beautiful song
    very beautiful song

  9. Xen1aserman Says:

    best song ever
    best song ever

  10. Stephrocksyay Says:

    A beautifully sad …
    A beautifully sad song *hits replay for 100th time*

  11. alesonia Says:

    Well I see everyone …
    Well I see everyone writes theyr own sad story.. My dad died when I was 13… 7 years ago, he used to listen to this song, so This song makes me think a lot of my dad (miss him a lot)..

    Enough of sad storys. Has anyone else noticed that the singer looks a lot like Colin Farell? HAHAHAHAHA look for Colin Farell and have a laugh xD! I did

  12. willssonglist Says:

    this song always …
    this song always makes me think of my son who died of cancer at the age of 24, amazing how music can touch us in very human ways. It’s a sad song but I gain strength and hope from it. My thanks to the band for this beautiful song.

  13. GYPSYQUEEN5050 Says:

    dedicated to …
    dedicated to Barbara Lewis, one of their high school friends who was killed by a drunk driver
    The song’s lyrics are mostly an analogy. Barb donated several organs, including her heart. She was close with Ed and the guys and died in a car collision with a fleeing armed robber. These lyrics are constantly misunderstood! Yes, Ed is speaking to the circle of life, but specifically to how Barb’s life gave new life to many. The angel,

  14. minutemenrheroes Says:

    That’s amazing. I …
    That’s amazing. I gave your comment a thumbs up. Glad everything worked out for you.

  15. jstafuckinusername Says:

    This song also …
    This song also brought back a lot of memories with my dad when I was younger. My parents split up when I was a few months old. And this song always remind me of him when I would spend time with him in Seattle.

    Wow, 17 year olds memories.

    Music is one amazing force.

  16. annem65 Says:

    I heard this on the …
    I heard this on the radio today and had to look it up…brought back memories. When it first came out, it made me think of my daughter’s birth; almost lost her as the cord was wrapped around her neck. I didn’t even get to see her until much later in the day. The cord was also wrapped around my own neck at birth and my mom and I were given last rites. My daughter is a healthy 17 year old now though. Life is mysterious…

  17. GEHIRSE Says:

    I love this song!!!
    I love this song!!!

  18. jamesieboy666 Says:

    gotta love this …
    gotta love this song. i also enjoy the song towne by live

  19. kathryn150977 Says:

    thanks for the …
    thanks for the answeres, im glad that has bn made clear in my head. i wasnt sure if the mother or the baby died xxx

  20. farseer30 Says:

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    i hav a reatek hd 5. 1 in built itz hrad to find drivers,,, i also need lg pc suite :( any1 help plz

  21. ChevWolfe Says:

    Song is about a …
    Song is about a mother giving birth (angel opens her eyes) and at the same time an old woman down the hall is dying (angel closes her eyes).
    I think it’s a song about the circle of life, and when one life begins, another ends.

  22. burninghate1124 Says:

    it could be ur …
    it could be ur sound card that happened to me

  23. Shadowbird92 Says:

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  24. farseer30 Says:

    i have no sound on …
    i have no sound on you tube, tryed all reinstallin adobe ,,,,,,hlp plz :(

  25. kathryn150977 Says:

    well u young …
    well u young whipper snappers i am a fair bit older n have always loved this song however, im not too sure what is happening or who has died if anyone - thick i no someone help me out here xx

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