Live Music!

“Live music.” That common saying may contain some truth, but these
days the word “live” is having less and less to do with music. For many
people, a dj is their form of live music. Despite what dj’s would like
to have you believe, musicians make excellent entertainment.

In the first place, people enjoy human performance. Many musicians
like great athletes are multi-talented. They will croon on the tenor
saxophone right to your soul, then turn around and chunk out a funky
rhythm on a Fender Stratocaster. Can a dj play a turntable behind his
head or with his teeth? Professional musicians love to sing and groove
on just about any style of music from a Frank Sinatra to Outkast. They
especially enjoy playing when the audience is responding to their

In the second place, musicians are students of the arts. Musicians
do not merely “push buttons.” They’ve had years of practice in their
homes, and they do their thing on stage. Unlike dj’s musicians do not
try to sing over or add other loud or strange noises to program music.
Once a song starts it flows to the end and in the unfortunate event of
a power shortage musicians can continue to entertain acoustically until
power is restored. Even non-professional musicians usually understand
“the show must go on” concept.

Lastly, one of the most attractive features of bands as
entertainment is the affinity between them and their audience. Watching
a great drummer is never boring because they’re constantly
moving…feeling. An animated solo violinist playing an old wooden
Stradivarius violin has a much greater chance of reaching into your
soul and stirring your emotions than a dj with an array of magnetic
speakers and digital amplifiers no matter how great his system sounds.
It’s an apple trying to be an orange. It’s the difference between human
blood and electricity.

Contrary to popular opinion, bands can be affordable. Just like with
a dj, finding a band well in advance and securing them with a low down
payment, the price can be negotiated to avoid costly or inadequate
entertainment. Bands will even throw in a free cocktail hour or an
extra half hour at the end to secure a date! Many bands are now
offering “dj time.” This is when the musician hat comes off and the dj
hat is put on to play the Techno, House, Hip-Hop, etc…Genres of
today. People who have small parties should appreciate these
characteristics of bands. However, many people who have large parties
opt to have bands because they love the musician personality. In many
ways, musicians are the ideal entertainers.

Candido Bretto

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  1. Ben R Says:

    live music?
    i love live music any suggestions

  2. Sparkiplasma Says:

    Iron Maiden consistently put out studio-quality live performances…
    References :

  3. Eric B Says:

    counting crows, DMB, Pink Floyd, Linkin Park, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Cake , BB King. But depending on your budget and music preference. I would say Counting Crows are superb in concert and probably one of the most well kept secrets when it comes to playing live
    References :

  4. Riz Says:

    depends on your taste of music, but most bands put up great live acts.
    References :

  5. abc2 Says:

    get a cd from a concert or a show that you liked. they will play the live music and you dont even have to go to the concert. (although you would probably enjoy that better.)
    References :

  6. smeelola Says:

    If you like metal I'd recommend Iron Maiden's Rock In Rio, Judas Priest's "Priest Live" or "Rising in The East", Overkill's Extended Versions is good too.
    For rock I'd recommend UFO's Strangers In The Night
    References :

  7. thatdrummerguy05 Says:

    Rock and Roll All Nite loive is a really good song. its by KISS, the greatest band it the world
    References :

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