MUSE - Knights Of Cydonia - V Festival 2008 - HD

Higher quality (not true HD) recode of the epic KoC performance @ the Virgin V Festival in Chelmsford UK - August 2008.

Enjoy :)

Duration : 0:8:41

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  1. Fexamir Says:

    fap fap fap fap fap
    fap fap fap fap fap

  2. yelir92 Says:

    That’s the point …
    That’s the point that don’t want to do the same things over and over like ing Billy Talent. Every album is awesome in it’d own way.

  3. eldiabloband Says:


  4. Clerytonio Says:

    Simplemente …
    Simplemente ASOMBROSO!!

  5. leemster Says:

    WOW! everyone knows …
    WOW! everyone knows you love me :D

  6. hyperguy20 Says:

    WOW! That intro was …
    WOW! That intro was amazing. Best live performance of this song by far! :D

  7. brutelements Says:

    —- …


  8. SiyamakSordes Says:

    Never particularly …
    Never particularly cared for Muse, but this looks like a pretty awesome show.

  9. nath9307 Says:

    man wa a siko
    is …

    man wa a siko
    is it me or 3 mins in can u see sum ppl from over the barryer

  10. Thesp88 Says:

    that intro was …
    that intro was ing epic !!!!

  11. mikeleguitar Says:

    Ennio Morricone …
    Ennio Morricone Rules! And Muse absolutly Rocks!!! Great Mix!

  12. VoidOfsPg Says:

    He does actually …
    He does actually look like he put on weight in this particular video. But yes, it is the same bass player.

  13. redraidersfan6 Says:

    GREAT SONG!!! I …
    GREAT SONG!!! I wish their new album would be more like their old songs. the first single, uprising, in my opinion is horrible and not like them

  14. adrianjemond Says:

    What a beautiful …
    What a beautiful guitar!!!


    best version ever …
    best version ever of this song!!!

  16. Calcifer112 Says:

    No it came out in …
    No it came out in July 06 with their Black Holes and Revelations album

  17. Sevenchappels Says:

    Yes, it’s trange… …
    Yes, it’s trange… So… You Musn’t Do IT ¬¬” XD

  18. Sevenchappels Says:

    ING EPIC 4:40

  19. legimenes Says:

    listening to this …
    listening to this is like the first time i listened to beethoven, its ing epic o.o
    it’s strange to think that they play popular music

  20. tranzenic Says:

    Wow this live …
    Wow this live version is actually better than the Wembley one.

  21. tranzenic Says:

    Do you mean the …
    Do you mean the intro to the song or the song itself? Cuz the intro is a soundtrack by Morricone but the song is quite old.


    No it’s on Black …
    No it’s on Black Holes and Revelations released in 2006

  23. shure8 Says:

    Is this song new to …
    Is this song new to the States? Only first heard it a couple weeks ago. Now I can’t get it out of my head. I watch this video a couple times a day. The energy of the audience singing along, jumping, throbbing, is just incredible. I wish I could have been there.

  24. PhodoWoW Says:

    Nothing short of …
    Nothing short of mindblowing. The only bad thing about their performances is that they end.

  25. maleproz Says:

    Most probably the …
    Most probably the best song anyone can ever witness live because of the energy in the crowd it produces

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