Netflix Live! Band From TV: Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher sings at the Netflix Live!: Band From TV charity event in Los Angeles on August 9th.

Duration : 0:3:21

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  1. JackMoranRain Says:

    back off girl, i …
    back off girl, i saw him first ;D

  2. SchokoAlice Says:

    good :)
    good :)

  3. kittchen6 Says:

    he´s mine boyfriend
    he´s mine boyfriend

  4. kittchen6 Says:

    he´s mine boyfriend
    he´s mine boyfriend

  5. JackMoranRain Says:

    i ing love …
    i ing love Jesse Spencers violin plying

  6. wazonu Says:

    She’s soo fine.
    She’s soo fine.

  7. starstella123 Says:

    she’s cute :)
    she’s cute :)

  8. tacomadc Says:

    Nice voice, a bit …
    Nice voice, a bit low for her though.

  9. katecik Says:

    funny but she can …
    funny but she can sing !!!! bravo Teri!!!

  10. adeelkaa94 Says:

    it reminds me of DH …
    it reminds me of DH,when she sings like a Susan in a bar :D:D
    I love her in tv,i love her on stage :D
    Teri rocks!!!! :D :P

  11. itsmeee0 Says:

    she an sing (much …
    she an sing (much better than in desperate housewives but i think thats for her character “susan” better)

  12. JoseCosta7 Says:

    I agree… she …
    I agree… she seems really fun and pleasent =) Besides she’s tallented, elegant, beautiful, hot… gotta love her! And she’s in shape at 40s… a great turn on =)

  13. JoseCosta7 Says:

    This band is soooo …
    This band is soooo tallented! Love it =D

  14. Jaymann118 Says:

    Sounds more like an …
    Sounds more like an equipment problem in the first few bars… sounds better after that. He’s got skills: listen to Devil Went Down To Georgia, by the same band. He nails it, practically.

  15. anamorphosys85 Says:

    not bad at all! she …
    not bad at all! she can sing! :)

  16. DesslerAlmeidaGirl Says:

    Oh yeah… he’s …
    Oh yeah… he’s GORGEOUS (which is an understatement btw). ;)

  17. erinsababe Says:

    i love jesse …
    i love jesse spencer as an actor, and i think hes AMAZING at singing and playing guitar, but honestly, ive been playing violin for 9 1/2 years, and he needs a little work.

    but i gotta give him props for going up there. XD

  18. iamsultana Says:

    I am surprised she …
    I am surprised she has no man right now. First of all, she’s hot. Second, OK I don’t know her, but she seems to be such a fun and pleasant person. Third, she’s a strong and talented woman. I’m curiuos what kinks she does have that we don’t know about and that turn men away of her;D

  19. Rogier92 Says:

    she’s good :o but …
    she’s good :o but like her more as a actrice xd

  20. LEAfromMEAR Says:

    she can sing …

    she can sing xD !

  21. kimmetjeeah Says:

    you are sooooo …
    you are sooooo right!!!!
    he’s cute (L)

  22. WeaslyIsOurKing Says:

    jesse spencer is …
    jesse spencer is officially the hottest thing to ever grace a violin. :)

  23. yuflito Says:

    i feel lucky
    by …

    i feel lucky
    by mary chapin carpenter

  24. moncekids Says:

    maybe somebody …
    maybe somebody knows how this song calls?

  25. KylieRocksX3 Says:

    I love her,she have …
    I love her,she have a lovely voice <3

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