Public Enemy Tickets - Hip Hop Legends Return To The Stage

When you use Public Enemy tickets, you’re seeing a band that is as responsible as anyone for the emergence of today’s hip hop sound. The band was a group of fearless pioneers, and their influences on the entire music world may never stop being felt. Below are just a few examples of these influences and a look at how this historic group came together.

Early Beginnings

The group came together almost by chance, as several of the members were attempting to make it as DJ’s and spinners in the New York area. Chuck D, one of the founding members, worked at a local radio station that featured local rap artists, and it was here that his talents were discovered when he was basically having fun “rapping” off the air.

Chuck also made his living by working at a moving company, where he met and befriended Flavor Flav, who would ultimately become the “face” of the group. Over time, the two began to rehearse together, and they ultimately filled out the group and put together a demo tape that was distributed through their radio contacts.

Their sound was an instant success, and the band got to work on their albums and tours. It didn’t take long for Public Enemy tickets to become “the” concert tickets to have, and there were several reasons for their popularity, most notably their innovations that ultimately became their historic influences.

Historic Influences

Public Enemy was seen as a truly innovative band for several reasons. They were one of the first bands to promote and perfect a newly-found genre, that of “rap-rock,” and this was due to their friendship with the heavy metal group Anthrax. This new sound also incorporated elements of funk and jazz, and their samplings came from a range of music never heard before.

Another of the band’s innovations also became an enormous source of controversy. They were the first big-time band to incorporate strong political messages into their lyrics, and these political positions were far from popular with the “mainstream” radio play lists of the time. Their stances were almost exclusively in support of African-American interests, which was a subject that was considered “taboo” until Public Enemy helped make it acceptable. With this success came several bands who followed in their footsteps as well as a host of musical works that continued to develop this theme.

Overall, Public Enemy can be seen as a band of pioneers. They are also known for their intense live shows, which is why anyone who looks at music from an historical perspective should grab some Public Enemy tickets for their upcoming shows.

Jay Nault

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