Shockwaves NME Awards 2009 - Muse - Best Live Band

Muse talk backstage at the Shockwaves NME Awards 2009 about winning the Best Live Band Award. For loads more videos, check out: http://www.nme.com/video

Duration : 0:2:53

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  1. o0ocroinao0o Says:

    ahh yuss!! sexiest …
    ahh yuss!! sexiest male YES PLEASE! =D haha good work lads!

  2. skaviknuffaas Says:

    they should rename …
    they should rename the prize after them! =)
    and sexiest male - yes. i’d still love him if he was like 1m tall, haha

  3. LyricalWax Says:

    lol, matt’s face at …
    lol, matt’s face at 1:21.. Priceless! Haha, his face was such a picture, that made me laugh!

  4. MindlessMuseShikari Says:

    “Im too short to be …
    “Im too short to be sexy” lol
    they definitly deserve the best live band award, id be surpirsed if they didnt win it tbh =D

  5. ZRoy626 Says:

    Oh man do they …
    Oh man do they deserve that award!

  6. futurism Says:

    Well done lads, …
    Well done lads, You’re the Most!!

  7. harrymuse Says:

    They deserve it.
    They deserve it.

  8. VeNoMsItA Says:

    i love matts …
    i love matts shyness!! he is so modest and humble as always, totally love muse they are the best band ever!!! they totally deserve those awards!!

  9. VivaBazOOka1 Says:


  10. fantabulous123 Says:

    YAY i voted for …
    YAY i voted for them in every category they were in

  11. mgutierrez7500 Says:

    yes mate
    yes mate

  12. cr17lover Says:

    Matt is really …
    Matt is really modest, he knows hes the ahahhaa
    congrats boys you deserve it!

  13. tifffany Says:

    haha matt’s …
    haha matt’s reaction to sexiest male is hilarious

  14. alyssaM09 Says:

    Aw, it was a weal …
    Aw, it was a weal supwise.

    I almost forgot about his adorable speech impediment. <3

  15. hgldypgldy Says:

    get back in the …
    get back in the studio!!!!

  16. vvvMUSEvvv Says:

    well done again …
    well done again chaps. HOW can there ever be any competition for this award? No ing way im gunna be able to wait untill september for the album

  17. KarleKarle Says:

    Niiiice one!!!! So …
    Niiiice one!!!! So happy for them

  18. BellamysGirl Says:

    They deserve it, …
    They deserve it, love.

  19. ParanoidFlux Says:

    Ugh, Muse again. >_>
    Ugh, Muse again. >_>

  20. BellamysGirl Says:

    Well done! I’m …
    Well done! I’m telling the truth when I say I shed tears of joy for these guys, they truely ing deserve it! (: And Matt, you’re not too short to be sexy! Well done!

  21. elsienita Says:

    ahh, brody dalle …
    ahh, brody dalle was in back of matt for a few seconds, sry, distillers were one of my favorite bands, along with muse, ahhh, new album! NOW!

  22. markierox Says:


    Congraaats guys!!

  23. hexagramz Says:

    muse fans are best
    muse fans are best

  24. thekillersmusicrocks Says:

    The killers have to …
    The killers have to win this award!!

  25. Chomalom Says:

    Well Deserved!!!
    Well Deserved!!!

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