U2 - PopMart (Live from Mexico City) - Pop Muzik/Mofo

Part 1 of 14. Filmed on December 3, 1997. Mexico City, Mexico. U2 in the popmart era

Duration : 0:9:18

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  1. chavciaz Says:

    POP is one of their …
    POP is one of their top three albums. After Achtung and Joshua tree. I love it! It was a litttle bit rushed though… some of the re-recorded versions of songs were better. EG - Gone and Staring at the Sun on the best of 1990-2000 are better versions. I really wish I had gone to a popmart show!

  2. CzechGuardian Says:

    The best Mofo …
    The best Mofo version… on a side note, … how can Adam breath in that mask. Must be quite a to have this on your face on a stage.

  3. calimero242 Says:

    u all mofo. who r …
    u all mofo. who r buying U2 tickets and resell them on ebay 10 times their original price. I say you mofo. I poo on your face .
    3 concerts in Croke parc. Cannot get a single ticket for a decent price.

  4. itzacu Says:

    Best intro ever of …
    Best intro ever of all U2 tours. Amazing.

  5. jeffsonger Says:

    This video is very …
    This video is very interesting I’m a singer too.
    please watch my video:

  6. foook111 Says:



  7. SimarilRL Says:

    Songs like: Last …
    Songs like: Last night on earth, Please, If god will send his angels, Starring at the sun, Gone, Mofo, Discotheque. confirm the Pop is one of the top 3 U2 Albums

  8. AdyPole Says:


  9. mrermac Says:

    M - Pop Muzik
    M - Pop Muzik

  10. BassLedzepU2 Says:

    this is unreal, U2 …
    this is unreal, U2 at their peak, shame not everybody apreciated this,

  11. DaniMoFo Says:

    The new U2360* will …
    The new U2360* will be even better! :) Get on your boots people!

  12. amentveddergossard Says:

    I always remember …
    I always remember NME giving thsi 10/10, That kinda made me jump out of my skin I got the record. Every track is brilliant and there Popmart tour was awesome.

  13. brenmc Says:

    u2 at the top of …
    u2 at the top of their game, at their most insincere best…something must have died for them 10 years ago…

  14. fallfanuk Says:

    This has to be the …
    This has to be the best intro next to zoo station. Amazing

  15. rainbowdragon131065 Says:

    I saw this show of …
    I saw this show of U2’s in Edinburgh Scotland the week Princess Diana was killed and Bono dedicated One to her. Amaizing time POP MART.

  16. keimzeit88 Says:

    Ja, das war geil .. …
    Ja, das war geil …..
    Ich war auch dabei, allerdings in Leipzig und Hannover. Das waren tolle Jahre mit U2! Jungs, ich liebe Euch immer noch.
    Danke für die gigantischen Konzerte!

  17. foook111 Says:

    Jesus U2 are huge
    Jesus U2 are huge

  18. stratguy1688 Says:

    I just want that …
    I just want that device that Edge is using to slide those notes around!!! Tight as right!?

  19. dvovd Says:

    pop is the greatest …
    pop is the greatest!!

  20. Pedrospregnantagain Says:

    I HATE ing U2 …
    I HATE ing U2 they suck! I bet I can make a better band then U2! I want to kill every one who likes U2!!!
    if I were in charge of the world I’d create an army to destroy U2!!! And then I’m going to kill the person who invented U2! Plus make it illigle to listen U2 because I hate U2! I want this nation to be a better nation…
    *Evil smile* No U2 or any of there CD’s sold in any stores! I want to be the next Hitler

  21. dan262222 Says:

    I completely agree …
    I completely agree with you ! POP is one of the best albums ever by them: perfect MIX between pop and electronics

  22. monsterinyourpocket Says:

    i hate how nobody …
    i hate how nobody recognises just how great pop was. Q magazine recently called it their most underrated album and i agree totally. mofo is such a huge song.

  23. vertigo915 Says:


  24. galladrink Says:

    como se llama la …
    como se llama la primera cancion ke kantan ahi en el pop mart? esta chida

  25. kpix99 Says:

    not their best …
    not their best music, but the production was top nothch.

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