Video Games Live - Classic game themes Orchestrated

A musical compilation of some of the classic 8 bit game tunes. Performed by the Video Games Live orchestra.

Also check out the Metal Gear Solid music:

Duration : 0:8:28

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  1. noamzilo Says:

    no relation between …
    no relation between the music and the games, but sync…
    i expected the themes from the games…

  2. suicidalfinalartgr Says:


    Excellent !!
    Well Im out of words! :D

  3. Germeka Says:

    Ghost & Goblins ftw
    Ghost & Goblins ftw

  4. Jak500 Says:

    its well good, but …
    its well good, but the crowd get a bit annoying at times

  5. Droymac Says:

    They had full …
    They had full pieces for both of those games.

  6. 888heaven888 Says:

    i enjoy it a lot , …
    i enjoy it a lot , remind me when i was young time play those video game nice nice

  7. sirmoola Says:

    saw them in …
    saw them in louisville KY, and loved it. it was amazing.

  8. xFL1PPYx Says:

    I’m going on the …
    I’m going on the 24th!

  9. RandomoviesAreFun23 Says:

    what no mario zelda …
    what no mario zelda or metroid??

  10. jakub426 Says:

    this is pretty sweet
    this is pretty sweet

  11. DidderKeby Says:

    Well apparently you …
    Well apparently you don’t, because it’s Outrun. They even show the title screen at 6:58

  12. jcarlson2007 Says:

    Trick your friends …
    Trick your friends with youtube’s BEST High Definition rick roll! Click my name and favorite this vid!

  13. HeatnixB Says:


  14. LG1337 Says:

    Haha =D
    Haha =D

  15. PuppyZwolle Says:

    You are part of …
    You are part of legend. LEGEND I tell you!

  16. narutokid2 Says:

    I saw this in …
    I saw this in Newark!!!! WOOT IT WAS AWESOME!!!

  17. MoneyKur Says:

    Favorite part: …
    Favorite part: Super Ghouls and Ghosts. A friend and I, both having had our es kicked as kids by that game, stayed up all night taking turns on an emulator with a vow that we WERE going to beat that mofo before sleep… only to find out that after you beat the game, you have to beat it all over again…

  18. LG1337 Says:


    I …

    I loved that day D=

  19. fadelapouit Says:

    even stone age …
    even stone age video games can get an orchestration. nice :D

  20. ebs2323 Says:

    is there a DVD of …
    is there a DVD of there concert, not live i hate all these people i cant hear the music?

  21. gnulinuxman Says:

    I saw this when it …
    I saw this when it was in my area! I loved it!

  22. seulocutoronline Says:

    Hello dears friends …
    o dears friends, I live outside US, how can i copy or download this entire video concert? could you copy for me?

  23. confusedbanatt Says:

    It tours around the …
    It tours around the world, it was in NJ a few days ago.

  24. solidusreaper Says:

    where did you see …
    where did you see it? is it a tour?

  25. confusedbanatt Says:

    I loved this …
    I loved this concert, I saw it live a few days ago.

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