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What bands will you be seeing live this year?

Q1: what concerts will you be going to this summer, what are you most looking forward to?

Q2: what are the most awesome bands to see live?

Q1: I’ll be going to Wacken this year, so what I look forward to: Arch Enemy, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, WASP,TYR, Equilibrium, Immortal, Naglfar, Amorphis, Stratovarius, Kampfar, Edguy, UDO…etc Then Iron Maiden again in Romania[Maiden twice the same month, oh yeah!!], and after that Ozzy, if he survives until then…
Sabaton and Alestorm in autumn.

also seen The Big four [Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax] last week.

That’s all, for now ^^

Q2: best live bands which I’ve seen [ maybe there are others...but I haven't seen them :P]…in this exact order:
1. AC/DC - great show, perfect sound
2. Iron Maiden - for obvious reasons
3. Rammstein - far to be my favorite band, but their concerts are amazing visual-wise
4. Hammerfall - one of my fav bands
5. Korpiklaani - always an amazing athmosphere and lots of beer. Fun concerts and high chances for autographs .
6. Manowar
7. Turisas - you think 2 hours lasted 15 minutes…
8. Megadeth
9. Arkona - best female voice ever!
10. Metallica


Where to see good live bands in Peterborough Ontario?

I am heading up to Peterborough, Ontario this weekend and want to know what bars I should go to on Saturday to see a good live band, not heavy metal or anything just classic/ standard rock. I have heard the music scene is good in Peterborough…where do I go and what bands do I look for?

The red dog is a good place in Peterborough. it has lots of live rock groups


How do they make virtual bands/singers live in concert?

Like for example: Gorillaz, Hatsune Miku, etc.

Do they use holograms or something?

They have never done a hologram performance of any kind for any concert. Holograms can only create very simple animations (they animate as you walk past or rotate them) and holograms can not be "projected" into thin air, on a stage, or otherwise.

All the concerts mentioned use an updated version of the old "pepper’s ghost" stage illusion. There is video projector and a thin transparent metallic sheet at a 45 degree angle that reflects the image. They are set up in such a way to create the illusion that the video is being displayed as a projection in the air on the stage(an impossibility). Real people and props can move in front of and behind the screens, thus the virtual performers, further creating the illusion that it’s 3D but in reality the images are still 2D.

They may market it as holographic, but this just marketing as it has absolutely nothing to do with true holograms at all…nor is it currently possibly to do something like this with holograms.


Why do bands seem to play their songs faster when live?

Doesn’t matter if it’s live in concert or live on TV, a lot of bands play faster…Why?

The adrenaline rush of being onstage amps you up and you just naturally speed up a bit.


The Downside to Getting a Record Deal


A lot of artists and bands often feel that getting signed by or being offered a recording deal is the ultimate goal of their musical career. In some cases this can be true but frequently it can be the start of a whole new set of issues that no artist could ever foresee or desire.

These days a recording contract is nothing more than a big advance of money to be recouped by the recording company through sales of your product. If it doesn’t sell to expectation you still have to pay the money back somehow. Music companies are a business and they are there to make money not lose it. It is no different than going to a bank and getting a loan to market your music your self, except the recording companies have the methods to make the product sell, get airplay and distribute the product throughout the country or even the world. Recording companies loan you the money to make the music and get their money back by distributing it. Typically artists make a small fraction on CDs- most of the money comes through merchandise and tours.

If you can get a recording company to get behind your music, that’s good. But beware of recording companies who try to influence and change your sound, often to the point of rewriting your songs and even changing members of your band or, worse still forcing you to record songs made by other peoples.

Here are some difficulties that can happen to musicians who get signed and think they are on their way to fill stadiums around the world.

Getting shelved!
A band gets signed, gets some cash advanced for recording. The songs are recorded and completed but the record company ‘shelves’ your act and you never sees the light of day but you can’t take your product anywhere else because you are already signed. Often you can’t even play live gigs without giving a % of your performance fee to the record company. This happened to Billy Joel who waited his five year contract out playing in piano bars.

The song gets changed.
Often you will be all ready to record your songs and the record company will bring in a co-writer or producer who alters your compositions beyond all recognition to “fit in with label’s style.” You started to make a hard rock album and you end up with a rap album with all your instruments removed and samples replacing them. You thought you were Metallica only to end up like Jack Johnson. Then you have to go and promote something you really hate and your product is no longer recognizable.

Where did all the money go?
Beware the big advance of money, to make and promote your music. If it doesn’t sell you will have to pay the money back, with interest, just like the banks. How do you pay it back? Live gigs, touring, radio shows, shopping centers for the next ten years. How do all those artists who make millions of dollars end up bankrupt? All the bills they didn’t know they had to pay. They had so much fun, they never watched where the money was going. Read the fine print so you don’t end up like MC Hammer.

Where did my band go?
Quite often musical differences between band members and record companies are solved by the company getting rid of and replacing any member of the band who doesn’t agree with them. They are always trying to get work for their own players and artists who have already been signed. Quite often you will find all your guitar player’s work re-recorded by the studio guy or producer to fit in with the label’s sound or smooth over tensions within the band.

I thought I was a musician not a pop star.
Increasingly recording companies are trying to “cross media” any act in anyway they can. They will market you anyway they can, and they will get you to do things to increase your and their exposure any way they can. You may end up on dog food commercial, on big brother or, god forbid, on Australian Idol. Many recording companies are just offshoots of the big media groups who control TV, radio, music, and the print media, and they will market you anyway they see fit to re-coup their investment in you. Most musicians have a short shelf life so companies want to maximize their profit now before the public listens to the next big thing. (We’ve all heard of the sophomore slump!)

Remember that the music business is 95% business and 5% music. Try to go independent if you can, promote yourself on the web at sites like Axebay and build your own presence in the world. The more successful you are in the beginning the more bargaining power you have with the recording companies. If you do get an offer, get a good lawyer. You don’t want to waste five years in piano bars.

Matthew Kepnes


Online Forex Trading - a Simple Powerful Method Making Big Profits

We recently put together a very simple system from free info we got from the Internet and traded 4 trades to show its potential and we won 4 out of 4.

There is now another potential opportunity which we will look at with these indicators.

This system is simple and effective and any trader can use it novice or pro, also all the info you need is free.

Lets take a look at another trade.

The system

Only a few things to remember

1. When swing trading you are looking for support and resistance to be tested then for it to hold and price momentum to drop from the level of resistance or rise from support.

2. Breakouts – When a price breaks a significant high or low you go with the breakout if price action accelerates.

3. We are using chart support and resistance and the stochastic indicator to time momentum ( if you do not know how the stochastic indicator works you should check our other articles and look at set ups on a free chart service such as future source.com) it’s the ultimate timing indicator.

4. We are also using RSI to show overbought oversold and Bollinger bands as back up indicators

That’s all we are using!

Nice and simple but very effective.

Let’s look at a live set up

The Euro

Prices have moved up to within striking distance of the recent high 1.3400 and are trading down from this level.

Expect this resistance to hold and watch for the following:

RSI to move lower and the stochastic lines to cross and stay crossed to the downside with bearish divergence.

This indicates waning momentum to the upside and lower prices should unfold.

Target is the middle of the Bollinger band

If prices move back up and take out 1.3400 on a close basis, the odds favor the bulls and all bets are off.

That’s it a simple trade with low risk and good reward, swing trading within the existing range.

A Simple System That Works

This way of trading may look simple, but as we have shown live in 4 trades it can make good profits.

Ok we were lucky and we won on 4 out of 4 trades but even if we were wrong on any of these trades risk was low and rewards were high.

This system needs you to pull the trigger on trades but if you practice it you will soon be piling up some big profits either swing trading, or trading breakouts.

Good luck and good trading.

Sacha Tarkovsky


Let us consider the electric guitar

Decades after they first came to prominence, electric guitars still epitomise the spirit of rock and pop music more than any other instrument, and remain the essential musical ingredient in most bands’ repertoires thanks to the great number of guitar effects and sounds that can be achieved.

Modern electric guitars are generally solid body instruments (in other words they do not have sound holes like those seen in acoustic guitars) and the music the guitarist makes can only be heard to any sensible standard via a ‘pick-up’ situated under the strings which then feeds through to an electric amplifier.

Some electric guitars have two pick-ups, each producing a distinct tone. The guitarist can easily switch between the two pick-ups in order to produce a more colourful and expressive performance with different guitar effects.

Most choices of electric guitars will be based on the type of music each guitar is considered better at reproducing. Thus a Gibson Les Paul and the direct and indirect copies it has inspired are famed for their weighty sound (and, incidentally, their comparatively weighty frame). This heavy sound is much sought after by rock bands. A Fender Stratocaster (or ‘Strat’) and its derivatives on the other hand might be purchased in order to generate a lighter, ‘pop’ feel.

This distinction between electric guitars should not be considered set in stone however. After all, Jimmy Hendrix produced what many consider to be the among the greatest rock guitar tracks using only a Strat and a few effects pedals – but then he is considered to be one of the greatest guitar players many have seen and many strive to play their guitar like Hendrix.

We at Fret Music stock a wide range of quality competitively priced electric guitars and will be happy to choose the right electric guitar packages for your needs.

The Article is written by fretmusic.co.uk providing Electric Guitars and Cheap Electric Guitars Services. Visit http://www.fretmusic.co.uk for more information on fretmusic.co.uk Products & Services Copyright information This article is free for reproduction but must be reproduced in its entirety, including live links & this copyright statement must be included. Visit fretmusic.co.uk for more services!



How do techno bands sound techno in live concerts if it’s possible?

How do techno bands sound techno in live concerts if it’s possible?

I Am A DJ Myself And Techno Music Definitely Sounds Better Live. They Are Not Called Concerts Either Really. They Are More Called Raves.


Custom Silicone Bracelets

Custom silicone bracelets can be seen on the wrist of children, teens and even adults. These wristbands have primarily become a fashion statement among teenagers. Silicone bracelets are used to promote breast cancer, advertise for businesses, music promotions, sports, or event promotion. Custom bracelets were first used by Live strong to raise funds for cancer research and awareness. Custom silicone bracelets are durable and do not break easily. A yellow wristband was used to raise funds for cancer. Since these wristbands are cheap and trendy it can be mass produced and used by endless organizations and business for advertising their product. Nowadays bracelets do not come in single colors but are of different types like debossed, embossed, glow-in-the-dark, screen printed, laser made, color-core, color filled etc.

Nowadays even in hospitals wristbands are worn. Many hospitals in Pennsylvania are using colored wristbands for patients who are facing allergic problems. Different colors are used for different allergic problems. Like pink is for restricted extremity; red means allergy; green is for latex allergy etc. Different colors are used for different purposes. Silicone wristbands are used in concerts, conventions and festivities. Nightclubs and discotheques use wristbands to control crowd and identification at the entrances.

Printed bracelets are less expensive when compared to debossed or embossed wristbands. 100 % silicone material is used. This type of bracelet does not require a mold. Instead of mold, a template is used to apply custom design onto the bracelet. Debossed bracelets are more expensive than printed or Laser made wristbands. Printed bracelets are not engraved or raised but only printed. Debossed bracelets are opposite of embossed bracelets. In debossed bracelets wordings are basically engraved and not raised. But in embossed wristbands wordings are raised and not engraved.

Wristbands are used for charity purpose also. Pink color is for breast cancer; blue for tsunami relief victims; black and white is for anti-racism. Event bracelets are used in amusement parks, night clubs, event festivals, special events, dance clubs, event festivals, community centers etc. If your company is planning for a picnic at a local park, employees and their families can be identified by issuing wristbands.

Rubber bracelets are available in single or bulk quantities with your brand name or phrase, one of the popular and easiest methods of business promotion. Wristbands can feature your company name, slogan, location, opening hours and contact details for company branding. Wristband connection is the creator of laser made silicone wristbands. Their wristbands are truly unique and are the only bands with 100% Si mark on the inside for safety, as well as guarantee of the very best quality silicone. They also provide all kinds of custom silicone bands.

Brayan Peter


Jay Trainer Store: Where to Get the Latest Jay Trainer Band News

The Musician in Jay Trainer

Jay Trainer is the singer and songwriter known for his groovy and eccentric music. He is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but is now based in San Francisco, California. He was accustomed to listening to classic rock, blues, and soul music back in the 1960s and 1970s, and most of his life was spent buried in music. As an adolescent, he played with his college bands and jam non-stop from east coast down until he established and made a name for himself in 2000. He finally found a place in San Francisco, California where he is currently pulling his stakes doing recordings and live performances along with his band. He is working on several other local projects and with Jay Trainer Band store that sells products made by environmental groups that he supports.

The Music of Jay Trainer

His music is reminiscent and inspired by the music of various bands he idolizes. It is evident in his creation such as the Tinseltown and Tiny Cheese, as they show expression and emotion in the forefront of the songs. Jay Trainer is known for his live performances. He is now a veteran of the studio, and hard work is now paying off as he grew to become one of the stalwarts of Rock n’ Roll today. He also plays with his Jay Trainer Band and Jay Trainer fanatics are always eager to hear about Jay Trainer Band news.

The Band of Jay Trainer

Jay Trainer also plays with other performers whom he calls the Jay Trainer Band, along with UnionGroove and First Day Spaces. Show schedules and other Jay Trainer Band news such as album releases and gigs are always being watched out and looked forward to by their followers. Other Jay Trainer Band News such as the recent Of The Sun CD release party, which happened on the 22nd of November at CELLspace in Mission District, was a much-awaited event. The party was a whole night of jamming with Vinyl, Rainmaker, and featured artists such as Colin Brown from the Monophonics, Eric Levy from the Garaj Mahal and a whole lot more. The CD of the album though was released earlier on the 18th of November.

The Store of Jay Trainer

A part of the proceeds of the Jay Trainer Band is donated for the benefit of Greenpeace and other local environment groups. It supports the Jay Trainer Band Store, which features shirts that are produced from 100 percent environmentally helpful products. It does not use pesticides, harmful resins, and plastic prints in its shirt production. It is made from 100 percent organic cotton and water-based inks. You can purchase these shirts at the Jay Trainer Band store. Other items featured in the shop are all the albums released by Jay Trainer Band—First Day Spaces, Alive in a Small Room, The Waking Hours, and the most recent album, Of The Sun.

The Site of Jay Trainer

Jay Trainer’s site is dedicated to all Jay Trainer fanatics out there. At the site, you can check out the show schedules of Jay Trainer Band, and you can also buy tickets there. While surfing the site, you can also listen in on the music of the Jay Trainer.

Vikram Kumar