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Ableton Live is about making music. When you’re writing and composing, Live is quick and responsive. When you want to record and develop your ideas, Live has the depth and toolset for intricate production. It’s got the features to take your DJ skills to the next level and it’s stable and flexible on stage, whether you’re playing in front of 10 or 10,000 people. However and wherever you make music, whatever music you make, Live will inspire you.

Duration : 0:12:40

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  1. n13media Says:

    Do these instrument …
    Do these instrument synth racks he uses come with the standard live version? I canĀ“t find them.

  2. sonnybrown Says:

    It’s a HUGE chunk …
    It’s a HUGE chunk of time takin out. Plus it kills creative energy for me sometimes. I mean, if I REALLY WANT that melody, it will come out. But if I’m trying to just move things and play to come up with something creative. It’s freakin annoying

  3. sonnybrown Says:

    Totally, …
    Totally, sacredgeometry gets my point 100 percent.

  4. sacredgeometry Says:

    hahaha i have three …
    hahaha i have three and 3 more control surfaces

  5. dinaiz Says:

    OK, I see your …
    OK, I see your point then ! That must be painful :-) . If I were you I’d buy a keyboard controler

  6. sacredgeometry Says:

    why would it slow …
    why would it slow you down if you are programming alot of notes double clicking can potentially slow you down more in the long run…i mean 3 mins ago i just sequenced a non looping huge vamp containing 64 chord changes over the course of 16 bars …all done by double clicking i could have saved a good chunk of time and finger power by ctrl-b haha but then im stuck in my ways

  7. dinaiz Says:

    Seriously ? …
    Seriously ? Pressing Ctrl+B slows you down ?! :-) Still, I kind of agree with you, but after a few hours, you don’t even think about it !

  8. voidvox0 Says:

    i think it was a …
    i think it was a limited sell last fall from the ableton webshop.

  9. subtronicX Says:

    where can i get the …
    where can i get the ableton hood top that the guy is wearing in the first half of the clip?
    that hoodie looks sweet!!!

  10. chiefie11 Says:


  11. tngregory Says:

    The new AKAI / …
    The new AKAI / Ableton APC40 is scheduled to be released in the first week of June.

  12. dennisdesantis Says:

    Actually, May 30 is …
    Actually, May 30 is the release date for the APC40 in the US.

    Live/Suite 8 is available now. It was released at the beginning of April.

  13. djarsalan2006 Says:

    May 30th is the …
    May 30th is the release date

  14. ClassicCult Says:

    dis is the worst …
    dis is the worst song ever dude lol

  15. AkbabaAlper06 Says:

    06:25 woow Mortal …
    06:25 woow Mortal Kombat style sound amazing o.o

  16. NovemberRain1107 Says:

    Ctrl-B switches …
    Ctrl-B switches between Edit andd Draw mode. I am running Live 8 and this program is brilliant! The pre-installed software is like no other.

  17. sonnybrown Says:

    I’ve herd they’ve …
    I’ve herd they’ve done a lot. Maybe I need to try it before I complain. But one simple thing which I don’t think they’ve vixed yet is a simple request by many of us. One click to insert and move the note. Very simple. No doube clicking when not in draw mode. No having to switch to draw mode and back to edit the note. Just click, move, resize, delete in a very simple manner. It slows me down SO much when I have to go to the piano roll to compose. After that though it does everything right

  18. dennisdesantis Says:

    Actually, the piano …
    Actually, the piano roll has been substantially overhauled in Live 8. MIDI editing is dramatically improved, with lots of new key commands, an insertion cursor, etc. Try it out….

  19. sonnybrown Says:

    Even he doesn’t use …
    Even he doesn’t use the draw mode in ableton for midi notes. ABLETON!!! FIX THE PIANO ROLE ALREADY. It’s the one thing in composing that puts the holds on creative movement. Otherwise Ableton is bloody briliant.

  20. lilbizbone Says:

    is the apc40 out …
    is the apc40 out yet????

  21. nusphere Says:

    Yeah babeeee
    Yeah babeeee

  22. hilato Says:

    Ableton live is …
    Ableton live is just that easy to make music, for me its the best software to create your musical ideas faster than a regular DAW, this DAW is easier to learn and faster to create your stuff, just look at the end part once your record your idea in the session view you could go in the arrangement and polish your work even more Just like what Denis said and Denis has a fat degree in music and sound design he has a PHD degree.

  23. jomdom Says:

    The red square is …
    The red square is what the APC 40 throws over the session view to show what clips are currently active — that is, what clips are mapped to the buttons on the APC.

  24. Svetty00 Says:

    I like how the warp …
    I like how the warp feature now changes the graphic of the waveform.

  25. Bacidlive Says:


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