Welcome Back Dara - 2NE1! - Entertainment Live Interview

Welcome Back Dara - 2NE1! - Entertainment Live Interview

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  1. SunnyNWonderful Says:

    I think they’re …
    I think they’re just having fun with the interview. When they kept asking about money, they were definitely just joking. Filipino humor seems to not go well with most people here. Filipinoes like joking around even with serious issues and like to exaggerate details to make gossip for fun. Also, it’s a common Filipino joke to say that someone who works out of the Philippines is making lots of money, considering all the overseas Filipino workers trying to strike gold around the world.

  2. myrochlee0821 Says:

    lol i think you …
    lol i think you guys focus on interview thts why you’re disappointed. they just wan to have fun and let the fans ask their questions. and bout the money they are friends so they are just teasing sandara. but well you can see sandy s very happy even the question ws not good bcos she just want to have fun in phil not to have an intrigue questions that wll gve her a hard time to answer. X)

  3. zerosixz06 Says:

    ..d nah lng nila …
    ..d nah lng nila hinayaang sumayaw si dara!!!! tuloy di xa nakasayaw ng maayoz!!! grrrrrhhhhh… taz lageng may eextra pag magsasalita xa??? peroh nice… kacute nyah!!! hope she comes back again….

  4. janinedacurro Says:

    wahaha…ako din …
    wahaha…ako din sandy kahit yaya ni jun pyo hehehe…..

  5. swoopledom Says:

    well what’s wrong …
    well what’s wrong with you? fcuk you.

  6. lcasti30 Says:

    whats wrong with …
    whats wrong with the interviewers? them!

  7. sweetface1502 Says:

    i love sandara!! …
    i love sandara!! tho the questions that they ask her sux.

  8. geojedo95 Says:

    No need to srry to …
    No need to srry to me… ppl has diffrent viewpoints So let the haters hate, let the lovers love.

  9. jomi025 Says:

    Oh well, I guess …
    Oh well, I guess it’s because this is a show that focuses on celebrity gossip that even Dara-unnie couldn’t escape from intrigues…

  10. jomi025 Says:

    I agree. I also …
    I agree. I also noticed the awkward atmosphere. When she said “Mabuhay!”, and then the sudden silence, and also throughout the interview, I thought it was really awkward. I guess the interruptions while Dara-unnie was speaking that made the interview not so solid.

    And I also agree about the money question. Boy, they had all the chances to ask her about more impt. things like from her career to her life in Korea, but they all did was ask her about her so-called “pocket money”.

  11. khayskie0323 Says:

    hindi pa rin talaga …
    hindi pa rin talaga nagbabago c sandy noh?!.. mejo tahimik pa rin..

  12. xnicolo Says:

    Luis should never …
    Luis should never interview Sandara again. He interviewed her a few years ago when she first came out and didn’t let her talk… I guess things haven’t changed….

  13. whatta27 Says:

    i don not agree …
    i don not agree with u,. im sorry..

  14. imarc7 Says:

    I agree.. it was …
    I agree.. it was very awkward.

  15. ARKIsaurusRex Says:

    This interview …
    This interview could have been better off with Bianca and Mariel as the interviewers instead. Bianca’s the best host of E-Live, after all.

  16. ARKIsaurusRex Says:

    Frankly speaking, I …
    Frankly speaking, I had mixed feelings when I watched this interview on TV.

    First off, I was happy to see Sandara live on TV again. But when Luis brought up that “ang dami mo ng payroll/pera wala ka pa ring cellphone?” joke, I got ed off. Seriously. It was a rude joke, and you guys shouldn’t really deny it if you felt the same way. I mean, c’mon, did he run out of decent jokes he had no other choice but to say something that’s slightly offensive?

    Also, Toni was kinda annoying here.

  17. hebron2887 Says:

    upload the updates …
    upload the updates of 2ne1tv please

  18. kalingazzz Says:


  19. XiahJunsuLabshoo Says:

    baka ikaw. XD
    baka ikaw. XD

  20. NinjaPandaFTW Says:

    doesn’t taeyang …
    doesn’t taeyang have the same hat?! :O XDDD;

    aah! i love dara!<3 ^_^

  21. kalingazzz Says:

    what? you stupid …
    what? you stupid people really can’t get it,..
    can’t you understand that the host are just teasing her??
    low ekyu tlga kau!

  22. cphamloves Says:

    its simply because …
    its simply because she used to be a big star in the philippines. every filipino knows who dara is.. :) so thats why.

  23. cphamloves Says:

    what kind of effort …
    what kind of effort huh???

  24. hyunjunethecaptin Says:

    음…산다라 좋긴 한데…좀 더 …
    음…산다라 좋긴 한데…좀 더 연습이 필요하구나. 더 노력해서 다른 멤버에 비해 모자라지 않도록 해. 오빠가 너 심하게 아
    낀다. Sandara, You still need more practice. Effort must be double. I love you so much. Don’t take me down.

  25. upgrade134851peachzz Says:

    i dont know much …
    i dont know much about sandra park, but why r they excited about her coming back….explian

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